Business Readiness Quiz


Business Readiness Quiz

This quiz is organized around the 7 Success Systems to a Thriving Coaching Business: Branding, List-Building, Converting, Enrolling, Supporting, Referring & Leveraging/Scaling. It can help you pinpoint critical issues and identify steps you can take to feel more confident about setting up your coaching business, getting clients and making money.


1. Are you clear in your target market/niche??
2. Is your website effectively growing your mailing list?
If you do not have a website select No.
3. Is your database organized, in one place and accessible?
4. Do you offer a newsletter on a consistent basis?


5. Do you offer a lead magnet to grow your list?
6. Are you including the 5 most effective elements in your opt in page?
7. Do you have, at a minimum, 5 service-based follow up autoresponders in place once someone opts in?
8. Do you know the target open rate and click rate for your emails that you should be aiming for and what to adjust in your copy if you’re not meeting those metrics?


9. Can your prospects easily book a sample session with you online?
10. Do you send automated appointment reminders that are time zone specific?
11. Have you established the consistent and automated follow-up approach to be implemented after every sample session?
12. Do you have an organized CRM (Contact Relationship Management) that segments your list, with organized notes; integrated with your scheduling, contact list and to-do list?


13. Do you have an online coaching agreement to present to clients during the sample session that can be electronically agreed to for quick and automated engagement?
14. Have you set up a merchant account to easily accept payment from clients once they engage your coaching services?
15. Are you confident in facilitating enrollment conversations?
16. Can you easily overcome the 4 most common objections prospects typically give?
17. Do you have a “No, Not Yet” nurture sequence in place?
18. Do you have a results-based coaching package/program and pricing that is in alignment with the transformation your services provide?


19. Do you have an intentional onboarding sequence to engage new clients for quick wins and immediate momentum?
20. Do you have a Call Strategy Form automatically delivered to your clients prior to each session?
21. Do you organize your notes, accountability follow-up and value-added resources into one private, secure, convenient portal that both you and your client can access at any time?
22. Do you provide your clients with access to you in-between coaching sessions for just-in-time coaching?


23. Do you consistently ask for and receive testimonials from every client, every time?
24. Have you automated the referral-asking process from existing clients?
25. Do you provide sample content and material to referral sources so they can easily and quickly refer you?
26. Have you set up a simple way to track leads and sales for referral partners?


27. Are you leveraging your time by offering group coaching or online courses?
28. Do you have a secure way to organize your content online that provides a great experience for your clients/participants?
29. Can you quickly and easily communicate with a member or all participants of your program?
30. Can you easily track an individual client’s progress or clients within our course/group program?

You will receive your score and corresponding tips to the email provided below. These tips provide you immediate steps for implementation so you can be confident, organized and professional in starting in running your coaching business so nothing slips through the cracks. The more organized the back office of your business can be the quicker the results and the bigger the results you can accomplish.

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