Coaches Console Launch 2024 Affiliate Partner Website

As One of Our Launch Partners, You’re Gonna Have a BLAST Playing With Us While Creating Impact and Generating Commissions Checks…

Everything you need to make it easy to support this launch can be found here on this partner-only website – from commissions to swipe copy, images and contact information.


You’ll earn $500 for every CBS sale you generate during the launch. We pay our commissions up front. Once our launch is over and we’ve tallied the final results, we’ll send you an email with your total sales and commissions earned. No need for you to wait for your commissions – after all it’s our job once they’re in the program to support them in having a great experience and getting results! Thank you!

And our Rocket Fuel offer even attracts a $1,000 commission per sale. Even though you aren’t promoting directly to that offer, when your leads purchase CBS Rocket Fuel during our live event, you will be receiving that commission!


Reach out to directly or reach out to our team at