If you're a coach and you want to discover how to build your business around serving the right people at the highest possible level, this is for you …

At Last:

Stop Struggling to Find Clients, Market Effectively, and Grow Your Business.

Discover a Proven Method for Communicating Your Message
to the People You Want to Reach Most … So You Can Make the Impact You Want to Make.

You CAN confidently live your passion, help your ideal clients create transformation, make a great living, AND experience the freedom for which you work so hard!

Let us show you how

From the desk of Melinda Cohan

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • You've heard that as a coach, you should choose a niche, or specialty, but you're afraid that if you limit yourself to a certain type of client, you're saying “no” to other potential clients.
  • You have a niche, but you feel like it's amorphous and therefore, so are all your efforts.
  • You have more than one niche, so your marketing feels scattered and ineffective.
  • You have an idea of who your ideal clients are, but you aren't sure where to find them, or, just as importantly, how to communicate your message to them so they actually become clients. As a result, you're not making the impact— or the income—you want to.
  • Even though you've defined your ideal client, you don't know exactly what he or she wants or needs in terms of content and materials.
  • You have a lot to offer—but you struggle to communicate that effectively.
  • You know you need to be more visible, to get in front of the right people, but you aren't sure how.

You want nothing more than to reach the people you're here to serve—and to do it effectively and with confidence.

But that’s not your reality, and when it comes right down to it, you may even wonder what's wrong with you - why you can't figure this out.

You may even be afraid that you'll have to ditch your coaching career and go back to a J-O-B.

The good news is that you're in the right place.
And the really good news
is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you!

You have what it takes, and you CAN build a successful coaching practice (and enjoy the lifestyle that results from it), EASILY!

That is, when you are clear and confident in who you serve and the transformation you provide.

Doesn't that feel better?


Now keep reading … ;)

Our core belief is that the quickest and most fun way to launch your business is to get organized behind the scenes first, and prepare in advance … before attempting to get clients and make money.

So obviously, our initial marketing materials were geared toward coaches who were just starting out. We let them know that The Coaches Console is designed to eliminate the burdens and distractions for start-up coaches—service-based entrepreneurs—as they start and launch their businesses.

The Coaches Console was an immediate hit with them, and we reached the 6-figure mark within a couple of years.

Then we hit a plateau. High six figures is great, but we knew that what we share, what we teach, has the potential to help so many coaches … and because of that, we knew we could reach the 7-figure mark in our business.

So we revisited the exact information we're sharing here. And guess what?

We quickly reached that 7-figure mark!

the Guessing Game

As part of the process we went through to figure out how to push past the plateau we had reached, we looked at our offers.

As both of us have been in business before,
we knew a few things for sure.

  • 1We couldn't guess at what our ideal clients needed.
  • 2If we wanted to reach the people we were both so passionate about serving, we had to use their language.
  • 3We had to create deep connections with them, identify their challenges, and clearly communicate the solutions we have to help them overcome those challenges.

So, we talked to them, and we asked them these questions.

We listened carefully to the words and phrases they used, to what they said they really wanted and needed in their businesses (and in their personal lives, too). We took great notes! And we put all of it – all of the data we’d gathered - to use in our marketing materials.

It worked, and the results are evident in our Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp enrollment numbers.

After we'd tested our first beta Bootcamp program, we interviewed and surveyed all of our current clients. We gained so much clarity about what they needed, which challenges they faced, and the language they used to talk about these things.

In other words, we really dialed in on our niche for this program.

Our first-ever Bootcamp launch brought in $250K,
and 100 participants.
Our second Bootcamp served 125
participants and our third one served …
wait for it … 400!

After that, we were able to add additional services and offerings to support our clients in bigger and better ways. Because we continue to support each client, on deeper and deeper levels, we can bring in greater revenue with fewer clients.

How awesome would it be for you if you could experience this kind of clarity—and the subsequent results—as well?

Pretty friggin’ awesome, right? ;)

Getting CLEAR

After working with hundreds of our clients in setting up and launching their businesses, we quickly realized the lack of clarity in nailing a niche – in regard to what an ideal client needs, the language they use to convey it, and the clear communication needed to describe their solution - is the ONE area that SO many get stuck in when it comes to their business.

We also witnessed that, when coaches become stuck because they lack this clarity, they couldn’t move forward in any area: list-building, website creation, packaging and pricing services.

As a result, their entire business was essentially on hold, and they were not getting any clients or making any money.

To make matters worse, it seemed to us that the training our clients were receiving on this topic in other programs, such as coach training programs, or from their mentors or other marketing gurus, was not providing clarity at all, but was making them even more confused!

And that’s when we said, “Enough is enough.”

  • And that’s why we created our own program that revolutionizes and reframes the entire concept of nailing your niche, and we’ve turned it into a repeatable system that we can’t wait to share with you!

“I am feeling more confident when I am networking. I guess I feel better because I have a plan and know what comes next.”

“I have more clarity in what my ideal client is, so it helps me sort and write content.”

Coaches Console Community Members

Introducing …

Discover Who Your People Are, How to Reach Them Effectively,
and How to Serve Them at the Highest Possible Level …

… a 3-Module Program Designed to Give You the Clarity You Need to Identify, Find, and Communicate Effectively with Your Ideal Clients – Supporting as Many of Them as Possible by Creating Content That’s Invaluable to Them – All While Growing Your Business!

That’s right … you'll walk away with confidence, optimism, and “mad skills!” that enable you to find and serve more of your ideal clients, with less effort!


Shifting Your Paradigms

We're confident this module will provide you with a big "aha!" moment, even if you think you know your niche.

If you're struggling to find and land clients whose challenges you're passionate about solving, then you may be making some critical mistakes. When you shift some of your main paradigms, you'll find that getting those ideal clients becomes easy breezy (and much more fun!).

  • .How to stop making the biggest mistake startup coaches make— "selling the boat” - and what to do, instead.
  • .The truth about what a niche is (and why it goes so much deeper than you may have realized).
  • .Why getting creative when you're creating marketing material or trying to get clients is a big mistake—and what you should do, instead, to attract new prospects.
  • .The very first thing you should talk about with an ideal prospect and why, if you miss this key point, you will continue to struggle to land clients.
  • .How to use TCC's kick-ass Pain and Pleasure Island Diagram to identify what your ideal clients really want from you, as well as how to communicate your solution effectively so they can't wait to work with you.
  • .Personalized advice on your specific situation, via hot seat coaching.
  • .And more.

high-conversion sales
conversations you’ll enjoy

If your sales conversations don't result in conversions, we have a feeling you're going to love this module.

Here's where we give you a powerful, step-by-step model to follow as you dive into your sales conversations with prospects.

You learn:

  • .The right way to answer the question, "So, what do you do?" (It's likely you've been answering this all wrong, and one important shift has the potential to attract ideal clients to you like bees to honey!)
  • .3 different versions of the 5-part conversation (short, medium, and long) and when to use each one for maximum impact.
  • .Where to find your clients (yes, we know where they're hanging out and we're going to help you uncover their hot spots).
  • .Why referrals aren't enough, and how to take the idea of referrals to the next step for better conversions and a steady stream of ideal prospects.
  • .How to identify 10 strategic referral partners, who can help you grow your business.
  • .Personalized advice on your specific situation, via hot seat coaching.
  • .And more.

create hot, compelling marketing content and copy

Here, we'll show you how to use everything you've learned so far to create marketing content that works, effectively, to help you convert those ideal prospects into ideal clients who can truly benefit from the transformation you provide.

You learn:

  • .How to create critical marketing materials like free gifts, emails, and opt-in page content, so your ideal prospects identify with you right away.
  • .How to create compelling, proven subject lines, free gift titles, program titles, and more, so your ideal clients immediately recognize that you can help them move from Pain Island to Pleasure Island.
  • .Why you have more contacts than you realize, and how to find them.
  • .How to jumpstart your mailing list growth using a proven "Dear Jane" letter template.
  • .Personalized advice on your specific situation, via hot seat coaching.
  • .And more.

“I had the good fortune to be in the love seat and that was a game changer for me. Clarity replaced fog! Clear, concise down-to-earth advice.”

“Results are that my writing is more clear; and I am motivated much more - ideas and concepts for programs are bubbling up in my mind like springs.
I haven't experienced this for ten or more years - Love It!”

Coaches Console Community Members

In short, you learn exactly what you need to know to make your biggest possible impact and live your best possible life, by gaining absolute clarity around your niche and the transformation you provide.

Yes, even if your niche is "quirky," even if you live in a small town, and even if you're just starting out.

Now, you may be wondering how we're going to cover all this.

First of all, you should know we're both committed to your coaching success.

It's our passion to help coaches like you lay the foundation for a profitable business, without overwhelm (in any niche!).

Consider us your partners on this journey.

That being said, when you enroll in Nail Your Niche:
Discover Who Your People Are, How to Reach Them Effectively,
and How to Serve Them at the Highest Possible Level,
you receive:

  • 3 Module Training ($997 value)
  • Market Research Clarification Process ($497 Value)

    A simple process to easily complete thorough market research to clarify and identify your ideal client’s top challenges, urgent gateway problems, desired results, and transformational impact. This process includes key market research questions plus a list of resources to support you in conducting and organizing your interviews and market data. This is the foundation to consistently finding leads and creating compelling marketing copy and content that converts.
  • The "Confidently Talk About What You Do" Template & Scripts ($497 Value)

    Our famous 5-Part Conversation Formula and template for identifying, writing and speaking your core message. This becomes the exact script you’ll use in your networking and marketing –in person or online. Plus, you’ll receive three versions of the script to use to grow your list, get referrals, and even get clients from speaking—a short version to use for quick introductions, a medium version to use for networking events, and a longer version to use as an introduction for webinars and speaking opportunities.
  • Identify Your Top 10 Strategic Referral Partners Process ($497 Value)

    This process makes it simple to identify and locate your most valuable referral partners who can bring you steady streams of leads, referrals, and clients. You’ll have the exact professions and specific names to partner with, and you’ll know how to start those conversations.
  • 4 Done 4 You Lead Magnets

    1. Focusing on the Theme of Relationship Coaching ($2,000 Value)
    2. Focusing on the Theme of Life Purpose ($2,000 Value)
    3. Focusing on the Themes of Business / Entrepreneurship ($2,000 Value)
    4. Focusing on the Theme of Career Change Coaching ($2,000 Value)

    No need to stress about creating, writing, and adding graphics to a lead magnet! Created by our own highly-skilled team of copywriters and graphic designers, with these Done4 You Lead Magnets you’ll be ready to offer your leads and immediately start growing your list of contacts.

  • Stay Connected: Private Facebook Group Community

    Interact with Melinda, her team, and other like-minded, like-spirited coaches while you grow your list and build your business. Within this private community, resources are shared, strategies are given, and questions are answered, so you can create and maintain momentum and results in your business.
  • Stay Connected: Bi-Monthly Live Q&A and Group Coaching Sessions

    We know how invaluable it is to be able to ask your questions and receive coaching for your “just-in-time” needs and stuck spots. You’ll receive direct coaching for your specific business needs from one of our certified coaches; plus, you’ll learn from the other participants as they receive hot-seat coaching for their business as well. The group dynamic creates exponential learning and bigger results, faster.
  • A Ticket to Our Live Event (value $499)

    A ticket to LifestyleLIVE!, THE go-to event on the Business of Coaching in early 2019 ($499 value)! This three-day event is ONLY for The Coaches Console members, grads, and Bootcampers, and it will be packed with business AND lifestyle content, contests, prizes, and LOVE in a destination location. It's going to be SO. Much. FUN!!!

Now, you may be wondering about the investment!

First of all, we'd love for you to consider this course an investment … one in which you can expect a huge return.

Because we're so confident in the value we're offering here, we aren't going to waste your time comparing the investment to the cost of a couple of new business suits, or cable TV for a few months.

That being said, think for a moment about how much it would cost you in terms of time, money, and energy to keep guessing about who your ideal clients are and what they need from you.

At your hourly rate, how much money are you losing by not coaching clients, and by spending your time on failed enrollment conversations and marketing materials?

How much money are you throwing at ineffective marketing?

If you're just starting out, those figures could easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

The investment for this
program is $997.


  • How quickly you will be able to earn that investment back when you start landing clients.
  • How many would you actually need to yield a positive return? As few as one or two, right? And everything after that is gravy!

We're confident that if you apply what you learn in Nail Your Niche: Discover Who Your People Are, How to Reach Them Effectively, and How to Serve Them at the Highest Possible Level, you'll make back your investment in no time, working with clients you're passionate about! In fact, we're confident you could earn your investment back during the program itself. If you implement our system, and do exactly what we teach you to do, this is a good possibility … it's happened to members of our Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp!

And just in case you're not feeling our confidence, keep in mind that you make this investment at no risk because you're covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

That is, enroll in the program and give it a try for 30 days. You must complete the work, the exercises and do the homework from all three modules. If, after completing those requirements, this program is not right for you, let us know before those 30 days are up and we'll give you a refund. It's that easy.

So, are you ready to gain the clarity you need to define your core message, identify and connect with your ideal clients, and make your marketing as effective as possible ... all so you can grow your list and your business, more quickly than ever?

Or do you still have questions?

To help you decide, following are our answers to some of the questions we hear most frequently:

A: As we mentioned above, when you apply the information you learn in this course, your marketing efforts will be so much more efficient. You’ll know exactly where to find clients and exactly how to talk to them so they know you can transform their lives. This information will speed up your sales cycle, helping you make money much more quickly. You’ll earn your investment back in no time!
A: This core program is one you can’t afford to miss. Without this clarity, you will struggle with the rest of your business. In fact, if you don’t gain this vital clarity, we suggest you don’t bother going into business; you’ll likely run out of time, energy, money, and passion before you realize the success you dream of … and no one wants that!
A: Absolutely not! While some coaching schools recommend going out and getting as many clients as possible, “right away,” we believe that’s terrible advice. The first thing you should do as a coach is to define your niche (and define it properly under your new, shifted paradigm), identify and find your ideal client, and then speak to him or her about your Core Premise in the right words and phrases so you hit the ground running, working only with the clients you want to help.

Just like the financial investment, you can consider this an investment of your time, as you’re eliminating guesswork and time wasted marketing inefficiently to the wrong prospects.
A: Actually, this is the ideal time to get clear on this core message, as it impacts and becomes your marketing message. It will aid you in speeding up the process for creating an effective website, equip you with what you need for networking, and make enrollment conversations smoother and more effective.
A: Many schools cover identifying your ideal client, but they often do so in broad, vague terms, similar to demographics. Identifying your niche in the way we’re teaching you to do, here, is the heart and soul of everything you do—marketing, creating products and programs, having enrollment conversations, and attending networking events. Without confidence and clarity in who you serve and how you help them, you simply won’t get as many clients and you’ll continue to struggle.
A: People often misunderstand the term “niche” as a specific demographic. In this training, we’ll uncover that common misconception and show you that niche is more about the challenges a specific group of people faces, and the results they want. With this approach, you can serve many types of individuals from many demographics.
A: No! If you’re passionate about serving a particular group of people, you should absolutely serve them. In most cases, making money with your niche is about identifying the urgent gateway problem they’re facing. If you aren’t clear in communicating that, people won’t invest in your services, period, because they buy results. This program teaches you how to dial in on that gateway problem so the people in your niche can’t wait to work with you … and as a result, you begin making money!
A: Yes! Often the struggle in finding clients results from your lack of clarity about who you’re serving. Because you’re not clear, you don’t know where they hang out or where to find them. On the other hand, when you clearly articulate the type of person you serve, you understand where they hang out AND you can begin to identify strategic referral partners and referral sources that can lead to many clients at once and an ongoing stream of incoming clients.

So NOW are you ready to Nail Your Niche?

Yes, Melinda and Kate!
I'm SO ready to Nail My Niche!

I understand that for my investment of $997, I receive:
  • 3 Module Training ($997 value)
  • Market Research Clarification Process ($497 Value)
  • The "Confidently Talk About What You Do" Template & Scripts ($497 Value)
  • Identify Your Top 10 Strategic Referral Partners Process ($497 Value)
  • 4 Done 4 You Lead Magnets (total value $8,000)
  • Stay Connected: Private Facebook Group Community
  • Stay Connected: Bi-Monthly Live Q&A and Group Coaching Sessions
  • A Ticket to Our Live Event (value $499)