As a member of The Coaches Console you will have access to a multitude of support options. The following options are available to you at any time through your membership.

Free Support

Set-Up & Training Tutorials

“Start-Up Coaches Guide To Quick Cash Flow & Clients in 45 Days” During this 45 day training cycle a new member is taken through each of the 5 critical stages of your business, the technology to have in place and how to apply each TCC features to accomplish the desired results of each stage:

  • Prospect Pursuit:  How To Turn “Just Visiting” Into “Let’s Do Business.”
  • Problem Meet Solution: Instant Professionalism and Credibility Through Your Sample, Complimentary Sessions
  • Getting Paid & Creating Consistent Income
  • Exquisite Client Support:  Being 100% Confident You Can Deliver What You Promise
  • Hidden Client Sources: How To Create a Personal Referral Engine For A Steady Stream Of New Clients

These training tutorials will teach you these basic business strategies plus walk you step-by-step on how to use each feature of your new Console system to its fullest.

Searchable FAQ’s

Search through our online knowledgebase of questions other members have asked to quickly get the answer you seek.

Technical Support

Each member has direct access to the Online Help Desk to submit inquiries and questions within their Console system. Our team monitors the submitted tickets and works directly with you to provide the information you need.

The Coaches Console On-Line User’s Guide

Our on-line user guide provides in-depth and comprehensive information about using The Coaches Console. The on-line guide is available to subscribers after signing in. Just look for the button.

Video Tutorials

You have direct access to short 2 – 5 minute audio/video clips demonstrating to you how to use each feature in the system.

Closed Group Facebook Forum

As a member you will be granted access to join other Coaches Console members in this exclusive forum. This is a virtual Coaches Console users group where all the passionate Coaches Console users gather to discuss how to best use TCC system. Share tips, post strategies, reveal effective uses of various features and celebrate your biggest results with the other members in this closed private group.

Live Support

“Tuesday’s @ 2”

Join us each Tuesday @ 2 PM Eastern for a live webinar on various Coaches Console features. Get your questions answered and also hear from other members who have harnessed the power of The Coaches Console.

One-on-One Support

Certified VA Team

Our team of Certified Coaches Console VA’s are available to Jump Start your set up and implementation of your Console system. Click here to learn more.

Inner Circle Group Coaching Program

Join other like-minded coaches for the 1st Wednesday of each month for training calls on business strategies, systems and best-practices to integrate into your business. Plus each Wednesday, join the group coaching Q&A sessions with Melinda Cohan as she coaches you on how to apply specific features in precise ways to achieve the desired results in your business.   Plus experience outside coaching from other industry experts as they join Melinda for guest appearances.

Private Coaching with Co-Founder, Melinda

Work directly with Melinda Cohan to get fierce and personalized coaching on integrating specific business strategies using your Coaches Console features.

Free Business Success Calls

Twice a month join co-founder, Kate Steinbacher as she hosts free webinars bringing you the industry’s leading experts on marketing and coaching skills.

30 day trial

Experience the Coaches Console for 30 days – 100% money back guarantee.