Course delivery

Expand your reach and scale your business

Unlimited # of courses and unlimited # of participants make it easy for prospects, current clients and former clients to engage with you through various offerings.

Turn your expertise into programs and courses

Easily build your courses with the ability to add various types of content text boxes for written curriculum, videos, interactive forms, download documents, and discussion blocks for participant interaction. The step-by-step wizard makes it easy for you to create, arrange and organize your course lesson by lesson.

Professional participant interaction

Private and secure webpages are automatically added to your Coaches Console Private Client Website for instant access to content. Participants can easily navigate from lesson to lesson, upload documents and post discussions.

Customized access to content

Choose a specific start date for group programs or teleclasses, drip content over time for DIY Home study programs or provide instant access for coaching packages and events.

Sell courses online

Sell courses online using the Console Shopping Cart Module and the “Done 4 You” Products & Services web page.

Gift courses

Gift courses so prospects, clients and friends can experience your wisdom and expertise.

Enrollment tracking report

As a business owner tracking how many participants are enrolled in each course allows you to focus your marketing efforts and manage your bottom line.

Track participant course activity

Participant monitoring and direct access to participant activity for feedback and interaction makes it easy to coach your participants in various courses. No client will slip through the cracks; no matter how many clients or courses you have.

Duplicate existing courses

Duplicate existing courses to quickly make changes, additions and expand course offerings.