Easy Breezy Business Bootcamp

Transform Your Passion for Making a Positive Impact Into a Profitable, Streamlined Coaching Business

  • A Steady Stream of Ideal Clients & Income
  • The Ability to Focus on Coaching
  • Less Stress (& No Overwhelm)
  • The Freedom to Do What You LOVE
If you want to attract and land more clients, get paid what you deserve, and market your business like
a seasoned pro ... all while experiencing the freedom of entrepreneurship done right, then keep reading.


A streamlined, systemized, automated, and SEXY back end requires a shift away from a traditional approach to a service-based business.


The old way of growing a client base:

  • to blindly go out and try to find clients,
  • then scramble behind the scenes to figure out how to convert them,
  • get them started, get paid by them (only to have to do it all over again when you need more clients)— means you're in a constant REACTIVE cycle: marketing, scrambling, serving, and then doing it all over again.

Some people call this the “feast and famine” cycle. It can be stressful and unpredictable, and it can take your focus off the one thing you're really passionate about: coaching.



The information and the system I share with you help you to:

  • get prepared,
  • build your list,
  • attract prospects,
  • convert them into clients who you engage, support
  • and get paid by, and finally, who you get referrals from!

That's why I'm thrilled you're interested in the Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp 2.0.

Yes! The Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp has been re-imagined, redesigned, and is now equipped, better than ever, to guide you to your dream business.

The information and the system I share with you help you create a solid, PROACTIVE plan for building and growing your business and then, for implementing that plan.

They allow you to have everything you need in place before you get clients, so that when you do, you're ready to give them exquisite support and a streamlined, personalized experience from the moment they lay virtual eyes on you!

This new, proactive approach to building your coaching business allows you to make that positive impact on the lives of your leads and your clients, while also establishing a dependable income.

As the co-founder of The Coaches Console (along with my business partner Kate Steinbacher), I've had the opportunity to watch the journeys of thousands of coaches.



Some of them struggle to get their businesses up, running, and profitable.
I've seen them face remarkable overwhelm as they juggle the various details of starting and running a business. And I've seen them quit, because they don't experience enough of a payoff on their hard work.



But others—the ones who take a proactive path and use an all-inclusive system for keeping the back ends of their businesses organized and streamlined—have thrived.

I know what works and what doesn't when it comes to building highly-profitable coaching businesses that allow coaches to focus on coaching, while enjoying the fruits of their labor.

That's why some of the world's most well-known coaches have used The Coaches Console to help them take the proactive path and make their back ends sexy!

When I first began my business I was struggling to get more clients. And even if I did get them, I didn’t have a process of how to manage them. The “Shiny Object” syndrome constantly distracted me so I wasn’t able to focus on what truly made a difference. Not having my foundations in place to handle growth and a lot of clients was stopping me from getting any clients at all.

Now with Coaches Console as my back-office foundation, I have the confidence and certainty, that when my clients come I can really deliver high quality coaching and services. This system gives me confidence from knowing I have everything in place in an automated process, confident that my clients are being served and I’m not worried that I will miss something and can truly make a difference in the lives of my clients. Specifically the Bootcamp has helped me to focus and to do more of the projects I want for my business. I have a firm foundation and Coaches Console and my TCC Certified VA are helping me get to that place faster than I ever would have on my own.

Leonardo Bustos

Before I enrolled in the Easy Breezy Business Coaching Bootcamp, I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I constantly wondered how I would ever find time to move forward. Since completing the Bootcamp, I've begun sending out a newsletter, and I've increased the number of clients who pay cash. I feel like I'm finally able to move forward in the way I wanted to!

Laura Aube

I was frustrated because I knew there were many things I needed to do in order to really make a success of my coaching business, but I didn't know how to do them…

One of my favorite aspects of the Bootcamp program was the detailed instructions, with step-by-step guidelines (and explanations for why they were important) …I can see the path I need to follow, and the steps I need to take, much more clearly.

Betty Liedtke

At The Coaches Console, we walk the walk.

We've used (and continue to use) the very same mindset, system, and software we're teaching to grow our business into the 7-figure range.

We've constantly got a finger on the pulse of what works—effectively—when it comes to building
a thriving, profitable coaching business that allows you to focus on coaching
and here is the single, most important idea we can share with you:

When you get organized and streamlined, behind the scenes, in advance, then attracting leads, converting them into clients, and giving them amazing support happens naturally.

Here's the thing: you decided to become a coach because you wanted to help people. And, if you're like so many of our clients, you decided to start your own coaching business so you could help people transform their lives, and so you could enjoy the freedom entrepreneurship can provide while getting paid generously.

Now, You're at a Crossroads:

Decide Which Way to Go.

You're feeling enthusiastic about using your new coaching skills with clients. But you haven't yet put the pieces in place to grow and sustain your business. In fact, you may be experiencing some overwhelm when you look at all the advice out there related to building a coaching business.

You may even be tempted to go ahead and pursue your dream of running a coaching business... and hope everything falls into place.

It's a common mistake: coaches rush out and get clients—which in and of itself is great! BUT, they remain overwhelmed and confused and stressed (and broke!) because they don't have a solid business foundation in place. Why? Because although your enthusiasm has you ready, you're not prepared!

Here's the thing: the back-office infrastructure of your business allows you to deliver what you promise and leverage your time and therefore, it is the mechanism by which your passion — transforming the lives of your clients while experiencing the joys and freedoms of entrepreneurship — becomes a reality.

But I'm not talking just any back-office infrastructure, here. Your back-office infrastructure must integrate all the Best Practices of a thriving coaching practice so that it becomes a well-oiled machine that takes care of creating cash flow, clients, and conversions over and over!

Sure, you can go ahead and get clients now, before you employ that infrastructure—which will put you on the reactive path.

Or, you can take the proactive path. You can put all the pieces of your infrastructure in place, integrate them, and then feel confident about getting clients who you're able to support from the moment you meet.

Which one would you choose?

Gain the Clarity Essential to Being Prepared.

I knew you'd join me on the proactive path!

You know you need to set up certain, core elements of your business to support your clients in the most valuable way possible. And you know those elements need to be completely integrated, so your clients enjoy a seamless experience, and so you can focus on coaching, knowing nothing important will fall through the cracks.

So... now what?

You must populate those elements—a lead generation tool, an opt-in page, autoresponder series, your blog, your marketing materials and more—with the content that will effectively attract ideal leads, convert them into clients, and support them.

What do you populate them with? How do you come up with that content?

You must get crystal clear on the transformation you provide, because, after all, the transformation is what your clients will buy from you.

When you know, specifically, how you can help your clients transform their lives, you can begin creating the content that will provide the first steps in that transformation—which makes marketing and business implementation easier and more effective.

Remain on the Proactive Path

and Move Forward!

Now, you've chosen to get prepared, and you've gained the clarity essential to create the content you need. It's time to begin putting all the pieces in place—and there's a specific order in which you must execute the set-up of your well-oiled machine that is your business.

This is where it's critical to stay on the proactive path. You see, there are dozens of technologies out there you can use to piecemeal together all the elements you know you're going to need: online scheduler, website, blog, email management, product delivery, shopping cart, client agreements, and so on.

But those separate technologies don't necessarily all “talk” to each other and work together. More importantly, you and I both know that every added layer of technology adds a layer of complexity you have to manage and pay for. Managing these separately requires a lot of time.

That's where The Coaches Console kicks ass! It's an all-inclusive software system that streamlines and sexifies the back end of your business—putting in place all those critical elements so you can focus on coaching.

Talk about proactive: by spending a little time and effort up front, to get everything set up in one central location, The Coaches Console saves you time, energy, money, and a whole lot of headache.

What If You Don’t Take

the Proactive Path?

You end up taking the Reactionary Path.

On the Reactionary Path, you piecemeal together technologies as you realize you need them, and you deal with issues as they come up. While you may do your best to create systems to carry out your business plan and make it all work, you likely will wind up feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and seeing mediocre business results, too.

It will feel like a struggle to find leads, enrolling will feel "pushy" or "salesy,"
and you'll lose potential clients—which, of course, results in sporadic revenue and stress! It also means you're leaving money on the table, because the clients you do get won't refer their friends to you (and referrals are a cornerstone of marketing, right?).

In the end, you don't earn the living or make the impact you want to.

This Is the Time to Take

the Proactive Path.

Thanks to the rise of the Internet and the coaching industry, there are countless coaches for your potential clients to choose from.

What does this mean?

It means you have to stand out.

And how do you do that?

For the answer, let's look to Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks. He said many businesses fail because they can't execute. Processes and systems, discipline and efficiency, are needed to create a foundation, so creative ideas can be implemented and your vision can be realized.

So, when you put in place a system, or a structure, that allows you to do what you do best — coach — you're then able to seamlessly and consistently execute back-end details like list building, sales, enrollment, and onboarding.

Therefore, you create optimal experiences for your prospects AND your clients.

That, my friend, is how you stand out.

What's the catch with the Proactive Path?

The health of your business depends on two important factors:

  • Knowing all the necessary best practices—and how they work together—up front.
  • The sequence in which you complete each step of your business-building journey (it DOES matter what you do first, second, third, and so on).

Imagine what it will feel like when the guesswork and the overwhelm are gone and you feel calm, and in control.

Imagine approaching list building and enrollment conversations with confidence.

When you follow the Proactive Path and get the back end of your business streamlined, it makes marketing and list building easier, helps you feel confident about enrollment conversations, and frees you up to be the best version of YOU as a coach.The result: you'll naturally attract the clients who want the transformation YOU,
and only you, can provide.

I know that what we teach you during Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp works.

But these coaches—who built their coaching businesses on the very foundation I'm sharing here—prove it.

Coaches like …

  • Jenifer, who went from ZERO contacts to 300 in just a few short weeks.
  • Patricia, who, after implementing this model, raised her prices—and whose clients are paying in full.
  • Patty, who enrolled five new clients during the weeks of Bootcamp, and who is now adding another coach to her team to handle the continued growth.
  • Carol, who raised the price of her package by $1500—and immediately sold two pay-in-full contracts within a week.

Taking the Proactive Path right now will require an upfront investment of time, effort, and brainpower—and money, too.

The truth is, you're going to get a huge return on your investment in all of those areas. And we all know a return on your investment is awesome business!

When you take the time, ahead of time, to get prepared, your business is set up to handle all those details for you, while you coach.

You avoid what I call the "Oh, crap! Now what?" moments that pop up when you onboard clients without the pieces in place to take care of them.

It's all about systems... and I'm confident the systems I teach you work.


I have a passion for business systems and processes. I love organization!
I love it when a business runs like a well-oiled machine. THIS is my zone of genius.

When I first started my coaching business in 2003, I'd recently been fired from a corporate job. I was freshly divorced and I was on my own for the first time. I needed to create a source of income, fast. I wasn't great at sales, and I didn't know the best marketing strategies.

But guess what?

I DID know how to set up solid business systems, and when I applied those to my new coaching business... voila!

I made a great income, fast.

Once I'd set up my own successful system, I pursued my calling to help other coaches pursue their callings effectively.


That's when I met Kate Steinbacher, the woman who would become my business partner, the co-founder of The Coaches Console, and of course, a great friend, too.

Kate doesn't love systems. But she loves coaching.


She was drawn to the FUN factor and loved being a coach so much that she struggled in business-building areas.

She's so much fun that it was a cinch for her to land her first client.

When she did, she had that "Oh, Crap! Now what?"
moment—because she was in reactive mode. She reacted her way through three years this way, and struggled to make a decent income, despite the fact that her clients got great results and raved about her coaching.

We met when Kate became my mentor coach.

She handed me all the business-building information she'd been collecting over the past several years and I immediately set to work organizing it.

When I returned it to Kate a month later, organized and streamlined, we realized there were lots of coaches out there like Kate, who didn't know how to run a business or didn't like it.

And because we're both coaches, and we're both passionate about getting the world coached, we decided to combine our zones of genius to guide coaches in becoming thriving business owners.

During the 13 years that have transpired since we launched The Coaches Console, we've shared our resources and trainings with more than 58,000 coaches around the world to start and build their coaching businesses.

Our client list reads like a who's who of coaching …

Coaches Console is a life saver for our coaching team. Before implementing Coaches Console we were limited by the number of clients we could serve and our coaches often felt scattered and overwhelmed. It was difficult to keep all of our coaching notes straight, keep track of client agreements, and to feel fully prepared for each client appointment. Delivering exquisite customer service is one of our top business values. Now that we’ve implemented Coaches Console, our coaches can serve 50 - 60 clients each, effectively, stress-free and with impeccable service.

Bill Baren

I've known Kate and Melinda personally for many years, and they're brilliant when it comes to software and marketing. They have high integrity and an unshakable commitment to their clients. I've been inside the Coaches Console software and kicked all the tires. I'm convinced that it's simply the best solution for most coaches. Your other option is to combine a whole bunch of other solutions and try to make them work together. That option is both more expensive and more complicated. I recommend going with Coaches Console.

Ryan Eliason

Coaches Console is a revolutionary resource essential to any serious Coach. The bonus benefit is that this valuable organizational tool is delivered by Kate & Melinda - two high integrity Luminaries with a rare but sincere dedication to and care for all of their clients. Don't think - jump at the opportunity to work with them!

Callan Rush

If you want to truly breakthrough to your full potential, it also requires extraordinary organization behind the scenes and these gals at Coaches Console take care of it all in 1 system!

Ted McGrath

Through our Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp, we teach these coaches the very same systems and processes I used to create a full practice in less than six months.

The results have proved, over and over, that this system can be applied to coachesin any niche market, in any city, in any industry.

The results speak for themselves:

- Ana Melikian -

“...helped me take my coaching from a hobby to a business...”

- Deni Carruth -

“...A more efficient and effective way to run my coaching business...”

Coaches Console has made running my business smooth and easy…Using The Coaches Console is like having your own virtual assistant for just a few dollars a month! It has made running my coaching business so smooth and easy by cutting time and energy out of the intake process, scheduling, tracking my hours and so much more. Now I can focus on clients, marketing and creating programs that serve more people and make me more money. And since I’ve hired my own VA, she gets to use this fabulous system too!

Courtney Parks

[The Coaches Console] helped me build my business more easily and allows me to do more of the coaching and less administration. Plus, my clients make more and faster progress because they find it easy to stay connected to me and the process of coaching. Trying to make it all work with Word and traditional email or mail was too cumbersome and time consuming for them and for me. I chose Coaches Console because there were so many details and I needed a secure online place for everything.

My clients are impressed that they can access all of their work any time from any computer. My clients and I stay connected in between our sessions, in a way that is more secure and personal than regular email. I don’t have to remember to send them a welcome packet, TCC does it for me. It gives my clients everything they need to know... in bite-sized pieces. It stops the overwhelm for my clients and I notice they are applying the information more consistently than before, which helps their progress.

Val Nelson

I now have a real system in place for all aspects of managing my business! I feel so relieved and am back to enjoying my life. Just this week I had a "Talk with Renee" (my sample session) with a prospect/hot lead. Seconds after completing this session, I ran out of my office and said to my husband, "It's so easy--I just sent the coaching agreement to my prospect, she immediately signed it and I have a new client ready to go!

Renee Matlock

I feel more professional. I now know what to do to get myself out there. I have set commitments in my calendar. I have stopped wasting time and getting distracted. I have much more confidence in myself.

Carmel Malone-Quane

Complete love and gratitude to everyone that makes The Coaches Console possible. Not only does it make us efficient, it adds tremendous value to our "WHY". Having TCC to use as a tool for our clients sets us apart from 99% of coaches in the business. AFTER TCC and our FaceBook group, I feel like a coach, I act like a coach, I'm set up to be a coach. I AM A COACH!!! SO yes, Module 5 has me really excited Melinda Cohan. Thank you. You know you could charge double for TCC and BootCamp and it would still be more VALUABLE than the price!!!

Gerald Vance

To that end, we’re so excited to introduce...

The Easy Breezy
Coaching Business Bootcamp & The Coaches Console System

A Powerful, Rockin’, Get-It-Done Implementation Plan AND an All-Inclusive System That Makes Your Back End Sexy

(The Back End of Your Business, That Is!) … So You Can Get Your Business Up, Running, and Profitable WITHOUT the Overwhelm!

The Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp is a 7 module course designed to help you get your business set up and organized, quickly, while feeling completely confident about charging what you're worth (yes, even if you're still in coach training).

We give you the foundational business skills AND the knowledge you need for success—all without the messy "business lessons" you'd otherwise learn on the Reactionary Path.

Plus, as a bonus from us to you, we GIVE you a 6-Month Membership in The Coaches Console—our all-inclusive coaching business software technology option—which allows you to completely streamline and automate your business without the guesswork.

From your website to contact management, scheduling to forms and documents, course and content delivery to training and support, this software gives you absolutely everything you need for exquisite client support. Nothing slips through the cracks. And YOU get to focus on coaching!

Specifically, the Bootcamp is based around the Seven Best Practices for efficient business setup and long-term business success. And while we teach you the best practices, we simultaneously walk you through getting them set up and running in your Coaches Console System—so when we're done, your business is ready to roll!

Bootcamp Modules

Module 1: Branding

By the time you complete this module, you will know precisely how to get yourself out there with confidence and professionalism—and focus on tasks that get results.

You learn:

  • How to talk about what you do so other people actually get it (finally!).
  • The difference between target market and niche, which one you should focus on, and how to dial in on precisely what it is so you can start generating your steady stream of ideal clients.
  • Tips and tricks to actually enjoy networking while you begin building a list of new clients and referrals.
  • And more.

Module 2: List Building

We hear you: you want to find new leads you don't already know … only, you don't know where to begin. Good news: there is a system for this, and we're going to show you what it is and how to put it to work for you!

You learn:

  • How to generate leads and grow your list consistently, so you're always reaching new prospects—without working your fingers to the bone.
  • How to follow up with those prospects, using a powerful, proven automated tool that keeps them engaged and turns them into clients like magic (and yes, we'll show you how all the parts and pieces fit together, and we'll walk you through getting them personalized, up, and running).
  • Which metrics to track and how to review and analyze them so you can make the adjustments necessary to keep your business running as efficiently as possible.
  • How to set up your list-building processes in your Console System so they're ready for you to use to get lots of hot leads!
  • And more.

Module 3: Converting

Say good-bye to the way you felt when you thought you had to pressure prospects to become clients. Here, you're going to discover how to prompt the right people to make the right appointments with you—so you can start working with clients (and generating cash flow!).

You learn:

  • How to establish online scheduling for your strategy sessions and appointments, so prospects can easily sign up to talk with you, any time, from anywhere—without you having to spend time emailing back and forth to get a time worked out.
  • The difference between a "no," and a "no, not yet," when it comes to your conversion process, and what to do when you hear the latter so you can book those appointments when the time is right.
  • Which emails and messages to send to your prospects so you "wow" them before they're even clients: they'll feel supported and nurtured before they even sign a contract (they'll love you for this!).
  • How to write and set up your autoresponder series in your Console System so it can convert leads to clients while you coach.
  • And more.

Module 4: Enrolling

Take a fresh perspective on sales! Turn pressure sales into sales as service and enrolling becomes coaching rather than convincing. We have a feeling you're going to love this.

You learn:

  • The difference between enrollment conversations that feel "pushy," and enrollment conversations that provide value and feel good to you and your prospects—and how to ensure yours are enjoyable and effective! (Yes, we give you a script for this!)
  • Exactly what to do so you can increase your rates by as much as 400%, actually feel good about it, and make more money than ever.
  • A script for overcoming the top three objections you'll hear: "I don't have enough time for coaching," "I can't afford it," or, "I've got to talk to my spouse," with ease and grace so you can help prospects move beyond their own limiting beliefs and work with you to experience transformation.
  • How to set up your online calendar, so your prospects can make appointments for enrollment conversations.
  • And more.

Module 5: Onboarding & Engaging

Get your new clients into motion, fast. At The Coaches Console, we believe your clients should never have to wait for you to send them agreements or materials, which is why we've built our software to automatically get your clients started, so they can gain momentum right away.

You learn:

  • The three most effective new client autoresponder templates (we give these to you) so you can support your clients from the get-go—automatically!
  • Exactly what to do to over-deliver and "wow" your clients so they get results quickly and refer their friends to you.
  • How to automate onboarding, the welcome process, and the introduction of your clients to their private client portal and how to use it, so your clients are immediately supported and able to get started—and you're freed up to spend your time on money-making tasks (we'll actually get all of this set up, TOGETHER, so it's ready to go when your system starts attracting and converting leads).
  • And more.

Module 6: Supporting

The best business models empower service-based entrepreneurs to work with more clients in less time—while those clients make better, faster progress toward their goals. The bottom line: in this module you will streamline and automate exquisite client support.

You learn:

  • Exactly what to do to organize yourself so you can leverage your time and provide your clients with powerful support.
  • When and where to provide exquisite customer support so your clients experience continuity and reach their goals faster (and thus, become your raving fans!).
  • What to do—and what not to do—in order to focus on your best work and have so much fun coaching.
  • How to set up reminder emails, follow-up emails, and homework assignments so you support your clients automatically. We'll get this all set up in your Console System before you graduate!
  • And more.

Module 7: Referring

Word-of-mouth marketing has always been, and continues to be, the best form of marketing. Here, we show you exactly how to harness it so you can effectively grow your business.

You learn:

  • How to harvest the amazing success stories your clients experience, and use them to get more clients, consistently!
  • A system to streamline and automate the process by which you collect testimonials and referrals—two of the cornerstones of marketing—so you can get the gems without having to dig for them.
  • What to do with all these juicy stories so they do what they were created to do: get you more clients without you having to spend hands-on time getting them.
  • Which tools to use inside your Console System to ensure your clients can (and will) refer their friends and share their stories without you having to ask each person individually. Again, this will be in place to work for you before you graduate!
  • And more.

The System
The Coaches Console: 6 Months Membership

Coaches Console gives you the opportunity to access your business and client data from anywhere, to track the information you need, to better serve your clients by collaborating in real-time, and to stay engaged with and connected to your clients.

It includes:

Plus, you get these 4 fantastic bonuses:

value: $1,482

Bonus 1 6 Months Membership In The Coaches Console

6 Months membership in Coaches Console WITH Step-by-step Coaches Console
set-up instructions for full business implementation and automation.

value: $3,100

Bonus 2 The Done 4 You list-building and client-getting package

CC Logo
  • 3 promo emails to send to your list
  • Perfect lead magnet to give away as your free gift
  • Thank you page content
  • The 5 most effective follow up autoresponders
  • Done 4 You Product to sell online
  • Pre-Built Sales Page
  • Product autoresponders for quick engagement
  • Secured Content Access & Delivery
  • Bonus training: “The 8 ways you build your list”
  • Bonus training: “The 5 Methods to make money”

In other words, you're getting everything you need to start growing your list and start making money right away—and it's already pre-loaded into your Console System so you don't have to stress over the details!

CC Logo
value: $497

Bonus 3 "Network Your Way to an Abundant Business" Training

CC Logo

This powerful 3-part training will guide you in networking that works—even if you don't love networking. We'll show you how to properly prepare for effective networking, what to do at networking events (and what not to do), and how to follow up afterwards. We take the guesswork and the fear out of networking so you can actually enjoy it while using it to build your business.

CC Logo
CC Logo
value: $1,200

Bonus 4Your Personal Bootcamp Coach

Unlimited online access to your very own Bootcamp Coach while the modules of The New Bootcamp 2.0 are being released. You’ll have added support, guidance and accountability to keep your momentum going and get the answers you need that are relevant and specific to your niche and business.

CC Logo

You'll have everything you need to get started with your coaching business right away ... and you'll feel confident, knowing your business will continue to grow as you leverage your time, work with more people, and make more money than you ever thought possible!

You may be wondering how this works.

When you enroll in the Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp and activate your FREE 6-Months' Coaches Console membership, you receive:

  • Seven Online Training Modules.
  • Four Module Clinic Calls.
  • Lifetime Access to our private Bootcamp portal, where you can access all your materials and
  • Access to our private Facebook Group, where you can interact with your fellow Bootcampers and me, and where you can ask questions, swap stories, and share advice.
  • Unlimited email access to your very own personal Bootcamp Coach during the 10-week Bootcamp, so you can get the support you need as you implement your new knowledge and tools.
  • More than 30 templates you can use for marketing materials, email campaigns, and more.

Thanks to the Module Clinic Calls, the Group Coaching, your Bootcamp Coach, and the Facebook group, you can rest assured you'll have all the support you need as you learn and digest this new information, and as you begin to implement it in your own business.

To be clear, I'm giving you absolutely everything you need to get your coaching business up, running, and profitable.

This is the exact same knowledge and structure I used to grow my own business, and that thousands of The Coaches Console members have used to grow their businesses.

Who Is This for?

Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp
may be a good fit for you if you're...

  • Passionate about taking action now to ensure your business can thrive in the future.
  • Willing to do the work up front to create a solid business foundation.
  • Ready to learn the business side of coaching.
  • Excited about having everything you need to get your thriving business up and running, all in one place!
  • A non-coach service-based entrepreneur: a healer, wellness practitioner, consultant or other service-based entrepreneur.
  • Ready to have FUN!

Here's my question for you …

Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm and create a streamlined, fun, world-changing business that lets you make an impact and a great living?

Who Is This Not for?

Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp may not be a good fit for you if you're ...

  • In too much of a hurry to invest the time to build a solid business foundation. This approach does require an upfront investment of time and energy, but will save you tons of time and energy in the long run.
  • Not willing to do the work. You're going to have to implement everything you're learning here. Even if you opt to get our help—more on that later—you will have to do the work to implement your new tools and strategies.
  • Overcommitted. If you're already part of two or three other trainings or programs, you will be spread too thin if you add Bootcamp, too.
    Our goal is to reduce your overwhelm!

If you're a coach who has a genuine desire to change the world, then we'd love for you to join us for the Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp.

- Larry Jacobson -

"...this has all the pieces in it..."

- Michael Guzman -

"...I feel so confident I manifested a client..."

You may be hearing some of your gremlins pipe up with questions right about now (that often happens when you're on the verge of making a big leap!).

They may be saying things like ...

"I don't have any clients yet. Shouldn't I wait
until I do before I invest in my business?"

Absolutely not!

As I mentioned earlier (and often, haha) NOW is the absolute best time to lay the foundation for a streamlined back end that allows you to focus on coaching while your system takes care of the details. Getting clients before you have this is in place is actually a terrible idea—because you won't have what you need to give them the exquisite support they deserve! Kate has said many times that she wishes she had The Coaches Console when she first started out.

Implementing The Coaches Console attracts prospects, gets them engaged, converts them into clients and makes you money within weeks! There is no easier, faster or better way to begin building your list and client base. And remember, it can be completely automated, so you can focus on getting your business set up while the software brings you the clients.

The Easy Breezy Business Coaching Bootcamp and the Coaches Console help you create a proactive plan so you’re prepared for all the facets of life as an entrepreneur. Therefore, you avoid the sense of overwhelm that’s common when so many coaches are stuck in “reactionary mode,” putting plans in place just to put out fires!

"I am not technology savvy.
Will this work for me?"

Yes! Not to worry!

Not only is The Coaches Console completely user-friendly and intuitive, but it also includes all the support you need to learn how to use it quickly, including easy-to-use step-by-step getting started guide, online tutorials and live support. We suspect that as soon as you find out what the software can do for you, you’re going to wonder how you ever thought you could live without it! And, if the technology really freaks you out, you may consider choosing the Done For You Experience or Live VIP Experience, where you receive VA support as you set up your Console System.

"It’s going to take me too long to learn how to use The Coaches Console. What if I’m already pressed for time?"


The Coaches Console is SO easy to use, and it comes with tons of online tutorials and live support including our brand new Coaches Console Getting Started Guide: a step-by-step guide to setting up and implementing your Console System. Chances are you’re already using programs like Excel, Outlook, Word and Internet Explorer. If so, you can easily learn how to use The Coaches Console. Yes, there is an initial time investment as you get everything set up, but because The Coaches Console automates important revenue-generating activities like marketing, scheduling, and invoicing, we're confident it will save you tons of time in the long run.

"I need to get my business set up faster than 10 weeks! Is this even worth my time?"


The great thing about the Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp is that you can begin using the tools right away and at your own pace, thanks to our Coaches Console Getting Started Guide. You can offer your clients the course we give you as soon as you get it personalized. Then, as you continue, you can ask any questions during the Bootcamp webinars, and implement the other lessons and tools you’re learning.

"Won’t it be less expensive for me to implement
this one other technology I need right now?"

It may be less expensive for the moment, but if you implement one technology at a time – WordPress, Timetrade, Aweber – you’ll have to piece everything together as you add new technologies, which is inefficient and costly.

By implementing The Coaches Console, you have everything you need, all in one place. Here’s a quick example of the savings: If you piecemealed together contact list & client data software ($75/month), an online calendar ($25/month), a public/private client website ($25/month), marketing, invoicing & client agreement technology ($20/month), a shopping cart ($69/month), and course & content delivery software including a done-for-you coaching program ($125/month plus $147 for the done-for-you program), you’d spend almost $500/month.

With this Bootcamp, you get The Coaches Console – which does ALL of that – for free. After that, membership is just a fraction of the aforementioned cost.

"What if I already have a website,
can I still use this system?"


There are two components to your Console website template: (a) public marketing website and (b) private client website portal. If you already have an existing website, you can simply use your Console website template as a secure, online place for your clients to access their welcome packet, interactive forms, documents to download and other private content.

Plus your clients will have access to their own coaching dashboard that keeps them organized and they’ll be able to schedule and reschedule appointments, interact with you in a secure chat and access other programs, courses and teleclasses. We’ll show you how to integrate your Console website with your existing website so your visitors and clients have a seamless experience.

I was fearful of moving forward and actually starting this kind of business. I knew I did not want to disappoint my clients and absolutely, did NOT want to run this business, feeling like I was always running behind.
Systems thinking has helped me as a new business owner to realize there are lots of different pieces to the puzzle and there needs to be a pattern and plan of action so they can all come together to create a professional business.[The Coaches Console] Bootcamp breaks the whole “creating a business monstrosity” into bite-sized pieces that I can handle. Building a business is scary, no one wants to fail, with The Coaches Console and Bootcamp I have resources and real people that have been there and done that ahead of me. This concept brings me incredible comfort, like someone holding your hand. The Coaches Console is that someone to be your partner on this journey.

Wendy Passer, MI

Efficiency, and systems alone are good… efficiency with integration makes the real difference. The Coaches Console team drives me wild, in a good way, I adore them…I wouldn’t even go to {coach} training school without making sure I could create a professional presence in my business. I knew I had to have professional systems. I knew I could NOT be spending an inordinate amount of time on the back office systems. The key for me was to baby step my way through the process what do I have to have to start my business then organically I was able to grow and evolve and Coaches Console gave me the infrastructure to do so. As a result of having my back-office organized with The Coaches Console, I make good money and I am impacting and have meaning in the world. Over the 4 years I’ve been in business my rates have increased by over 400% (yes, 5 times more!). My fees have grown with my ability to deliver and my confidence in my systems."

Deborah Jane Wells

If you don’t sign up with Coaches Console you will take too long to build your business. You may not even get it done. Don’t waste that precious time. Get the best support in the coaching world. Get The Coaches Console!!

Yvonne Posey

I always wondered how the other coaches who I felt are successful have done it. Especially with running it all and creating Newsletters but Coaches Console helped me there with my coach and the community, and the fact that the customer service is 100% beyond awesome, the community, the friends I've made and the tech support I've received and will continue to receive is amazing!! . Now I feel much more confident in starting my business and I feel I cannot fail at it.

Kerri Gardner

"What if I’m too busy to attend?"

First of all,

everything is recorded and all recordings, webinar slides and materials are available in our portal. Second, we created this 10-week Bootcamp to give you plenty of time to implement what you learn between sessions. There is no need to set aside entire weekends or full days in order to participate in this Bootcamp. Consider this: if you’re “too busy,” that’s probably a good indication you don’t have solid systems in place. (Right?)

"What if I’m already a member of The Coaches Console, can I still take advantage of this training and free membership?"

You can still take advantage of this bootcamp training and the 6 months free membership. We’ll put your current membership on hold for 6 months and then then your monthly (or annual) membership will automatically reinstate at the 7th month for $147/month for the Total Console System, or your grandfathered in current membership rate.

"If I’m already a member,
why would I want to do this?"

Many members love the step-by-step guidance to setting up their business and simultaneously learning how to maximize their Console system and all its features. Our Bootcampers report getting to the results they want (and organized, professional business, growing their list, engaging new clients and charging what they’re worth) much faster then they could have on their own.

"Don’t I get training and support free with my membership?"


with your Coaches Console membership there are different types of support provided with your membership that guide you through setting up and implementing your Console system on your own. Everything from the Getting Started Guide, to our support center, help desk team and more. These are designed as a Do It Yourself type of process. The distinction with Bootcamp is that you have both Melinda and Kate as your business coaches walking you through step-by-step and the precise sequence of what to do first, second, third and so on. Plus you have access to additional templates, scripts and bonuses that elevate the results in your business.

"What if I've already done Bootcamp once before,
why would I do it again?"

"It’s a really great program that takes you through everything step by step and you may not have gotten through all the stuff the first time. It makes sure you get through everything. Then you have your business all set up ready to market and serve your clients… and the second time through, you learn new things you may have missed the first time… I felt much more confident in working in my Coaches Console System and being able to use it fully and make it perfect for my clients. Made me more fully utilize the system." ~ Lori Wayne.

"Is there a discount for Alumni?"

Because you're one of our amazing graduates we want to offer you a discounted rate. As a graduate you still get everything any other Bootcamper gets and you save $500 when you pay in full $1497 or you could choose the installment option for $299/month for six months. After the 6 months free of the coaches console technology then you'll continue to have the Total Console system for just our core basic price of $147/month (normally $247/month) thereafter.

"If I choose the Done4 You option to work with my own VA to implement everything does the money back guarantee still apply to this package?"

Great question.

The guarantee would still apply to $1997 portion of your Done 4 You Package only. There is no refund when working with a Certified Virtual Assistant. At that level of support it takes full commitment. Once we put our resources behind you and you start working with your VA, it's important to be sure you're ALL IN. We do not want to waste your time or your CVAs time either.

If you're not sure, start with the $1,997 Do It With Us Package and make sure this program is right for you and we're right for you. You can then always upgrade to the Done 4 You Package down the road when you're fully committed. (BTW - you'd only pay the difference if you chose to upgrade).

Don't take our word for it:

our information
and our system
are backed by proof:

Our clients have reported average revenue increases of 15-25 percent within the first six months of working with us.

On average, our clients gain three new clients within the first three months of working with us.

Once they implement The Coaches Console, they report recouping 12 hours per month in time saved on administrative tasks (that's an ENTIRE 1.5 business days you can use on income-producing activities like coaching).

Our students and graduates come from all different coaching genres:

  • Health and wellness
  • Finance
  • Career
  • Life
  • Parenting
  • Consulting
  • Other service-based businesses and practitioners (such as personal trainers, nutritionists, yoga practitioners, etc.)

There's one thing they have in common: they committed to taking the Proactive Path. They used our system as a vehicle for doing so.

So if you're committed to taking the Proactive Path, THIS is your starting point.

How much is it worth to you to...

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I believe it's invaluable!

offering bootcamp

The main difference between these experiences
is the speed of implementation and results.

Choose the EXPERIENCE that best matches your needs:

Do it With Us

  • 7 Online Training Modules.
  • 4 Module Clinic Calls
  • Lifetime Access to all materials
  • Private Facebook Group Community
  • Unlimited email access to your own Bootcamp Coach during the 10-week Bootcamp
  • Bonus 1: 6-month membership in The Coaches Console ($1,482 value)
  • Bonus 2:The Done 4 You list-building and client-getting package (value: $3,100)
  • Bonus 3:"Network Your Way to an Abundant Business" Training (value: $497)
  • Bonus 4:Your Personal Bootcamp Coach (value: $1,200)

So the question to ask yourself is, how do YOU want to experience Bootcamp?

You have options when it comes to building your business.

You can piecemeal it together, learning as you go, reacting as things come up, hoping everything will work itself out.

Or you can take the Proactive Path, and put the systems in place now to support your clients and your growing business!

The way I see it, only one of these options makes sense.

As a reminder, when you enroll in the Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp, you receive:

  • Seven Online Training Modules.
  • Six months' membership in The Coaches Console.
  • Four Module Clinic Calls.
  • Lifetime access to our private Bootcamp portal, where you can access all your materials.
  • Unlimited email access to your own Bootcamp Coach during the 10-week Bootcamp.
  • Access to our private Facebook Group, where you can interact with your fellow Bootcampers and me, and where you can ask questions, swap stories, and share advice.
  • More than 30 templates you can use for marketing materials, email campaigns, and more.

Plus, these 4 fantastic bonuses:

  • Bonus 1. 6 Months Membership In The Coaches Console ($1,482)
  • Bonus 2. The Done 4 You list-building and client-getting package ($3,100)
  • Bonus 3. "Network Your Way to an Abundant Business" Training ($497)
  • Bonus 4. Your Personal Bootcamp Coach ($1,200)

Plus, extra support depending on which Experience you choose:

Do it With Us

Plus, you make your investment at absolutely no risk because you’re covered by The Peace of Mind 45-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp and Coaches Console trainings are not something to check out, “kick-the-tires” or “hope” it will work. Your success depends on your full commitment to implement and practice the strategies we’ll be sharing with you.

If, after completing the pre-work and action items through Module 2 in the Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp Program (meaning that you’ve experienced the training modules, completed the module homework, set up and implemented the related aspects of your Console System and asked for help the moment you got stuck), you still don’t see a return on your efforts, then simply submit your work within 45 days from when you enrolled and we’ll promptly make arrangements to return 100% of your investment. Just one simple condition: you must actually try the program by implementing the homework for the modules and complete the work. What you put into this is what you’ll get out of it!

There has never been a better time than right now to be proactive about making the back end of your business sexy!

- Joulie Foucht -

“...everything you need in one place to grow your business...”

- Michelle Williams -

"...don't have to hire an admin, I have Coaches Console..."

Still have Some Questions?
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This is it: this is the moment when you can choose which path to embark on as you build your coaching business and begin making the impact you're so passionate about making.

Which path will you choose?

Do it With Us