Give Back Campaign



The Give-Back Campaign

This idea of this campaign was sparked by Melinda’s epiphany: “With all this wealth that we’re helping each other to create as Affiliates (which is UBER fun!!), and with how much we all love playing (and winning) in these launch contests, and with how much we rally to support one another full out, and with how much we love creating win/win/win/win opportunities, how can we leverage that competition, the contests and our full out support of one another to support other causes in need…”
 Then this question popped into my head: “Together, how can we create more so we can give more?” Ultimately it lead to creating an entire campaign that we now call the Taking Care of Hearts While Taking Care of Business TM Campaign.

Through this Give-Back Campaign we’ll be positioned to:

  • Support a global charity organization at exponential levels
  • Give of the overflow we’ve created in our businesses,
  • Ignite the Law of Reciprocity and inspire others to do the same,

Where each of us can contribute to causes individually; collectively we can make an even greater impact; what we call 1+1=11

Our Dream Since Day 1

This is something we have been dreaming of doing from day one. Now we’re able to do this together with you!!! 

Let’s all take this “supporting one another full-out” up a notch shall we? And all you have to do is to get the amazing product we provide coaches into the hands of those in your tribe and community!