EasyBreezy Bootcamp Graduation Extravaganza

Drumroll, please …

We’re pleased—well, beyond pleased, actually …

We’re ecstatic to announce the Top 11 Graduates from our Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp!

Watch Melinda&Kate interviewour Top 11 Graduates.

14:00 A confession from Ali Godding of MindSpa how she kept motivated to grow her business when different programs hadn’t worked (and become a cum laude graduate)

56:30 The prompting Carol Williams had to walk away from the “spitballs and duct tape” method of running her business.

1:11:00 Don’t tell me you don’t have time to build your business – Margarita Martin puts a kibosh to that limiting belief as she gave birth to
child #4 at the end of Bootcamp (all under the age of 6) while successfully launching her business.

1:15:30 What Devora needed in place to take her business to the next level (Kate weighs in here, too!).

1:17:45 Karen Carlson’s huge epiphany that revolutionized the way she ran her business and her website.

1:20:10 Hear how experienced coach and business owner, Kathleen Fors, said The Coaches Console helped her overcome her dislike of networking by shifting the way she viewed it.

1:23:30 Paul (a father of 6 children) explains how he kept moving forward in his business even when he was dealing with “gremlins and distractions.”

We offer 1 or 2 Bootcamps each year, and the most recent session—which boasted 400 graduates—ended this past November.  (The next session begins in September 2016.)

We’re proud to tell you about the top 11 students in this past session—the “cum laude” of the bunch who launched their businesses with our support and who are now thriving!

A panel of judges selected this group of coaches from among an amazing set of applicants, based on how well they implemented the different elements of The Coaches Console and the Bootcamp.  In other words, they serve as fantastic examples of what’s possible when a coach uses all the tools at his or her disposal. Narrowing the “cum laude” down to just 11 coaches was so difficult, because all of the applicants rocked it!

So what did they have at their disposal? We’re going to tell you, so you know exactly how the Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp can transform or jumpstart a coaching business!

Students who enroll in the Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp receive:

  • 10 content-rich webinars in which we provide fun, live teaching and question-answering.
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up The Coaches Console, and implementing and automating its features.
  • Access to the private Bootcamp Portal.
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group, where members support one another and post homework and feedback.
  • More than 20 templates to use in their businesses right away.

 And some pretty awesome bonuses:

  • Our all-inclusive software system—The Coaches Console—for six months.
  • A ready-to-go, 5-part, done-for-you coaching program members can use as a gift to their clients.
  • Weekly live group coaching calls for as long as they’re members of The Coaches Console.
  • Our “From Prospects To Paying Clients: The 4 Essential Elements To Create A Thriving Coaching Business” training.
  • Our “Network Your Way To An Abundant Business … Even if You’re Terrified of Networking!” training.

Now, without further ado, we’d like to present the Top 11 Graduates from the November 2015 Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp Graduating Class!

(And, just a quick note here: if you’re still struggling with your website or getting your business up and running, sign up for the free gifts our Top 11 Grads are offering … learn from some coaches who are on the road to success!


SvtwZLRjAli Godding

Personal Achievement and Change Coach.
Helping successful women achieve EVEN more.
Facebook, LinkedIn
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“The Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp was the very best thing I have invested in (aside from the console itself). In this action packed, content rich, step by step programme I was guided through to having my coaching business up and running in a matter of just over 2 months. From standing start to being super clear on my business model and therefore my priority strategies, right through to developing every stage of my marketing funnel. I knew it would be good but I had no idea HOW good! I have been able to communicate with prospects in a far more compelling and powerful way as a result.Before bootcamp was over I had already signed up a client to my highest level signature coaching package, grown my list considerably, developed a number of coaching products and services and executed a series of campaigns which I am benefiting from to this day. All with the back up of a superb system that allows me do deliver exquisite client support every single time. The feedback from my clients is so overwhelmingly positive because I get to focus 100% on them and helping them achieve their desired results. Safe in the knowledge that Melinda and Kate (and the rest of the bootcampers) have my back. Time after time exceeding my expectations and making it super easy to do even the ‘boring bits’.”

carol-williams-sidebarCarol Williams

Productivity Coach,
Efficient Productivity Systems
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“I am extremely good at buying items I know will help me. I am not as good at actually using them. If I have to learn them first, then use them, well…..my success rate deteriorates significantly.

Enter Boot Camp. As good as the Coaches’ Console is, it’s made much better with Bootcamp. It is as if Melinda and Kate have your hand and are cheering you on. Of course, there’s the Bootcamp Facebook group too, which adds to a feeling of community.

Although I could not attend each Bootcamp Live Session, I made them up when I could, on MY schedule. They assigned Homework which is critical. Melinda and Kate have a good sense of “when to push” and “when to pull back” as coaches. I especially appreciated the Live Call from Kate, which I did not expect, and was packed with valuable input.

Bootcamp was offered as complimentary to the Console System, but I would not really suggest buying the Console without Bootcamp.”

FB CoachDevora Gila Berkowitz

Breakthrough Coach and Soul-Purpose Expert for Heart-Centered Spiritual Women
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“Before I signed up for The Coaches Console, I was excited about getting my unique services and offers out into the world but didn’t have the systems and organization to get it done. I love TCC’s all-in-one streamlined features while Kate and Melinda’s awesome leadership in the Easy Breezy Bootcamp gave me the momentum to get my online marketing in gear. Also, since excellent client care is a priority for me, I was thrilled to see how much support my clients receive through the system. I deeply appreciate the tools, knowledge, and support I’ve received from The Coaches Console, and I’m looking forward to being able to support my clients even more as a result!”

PastedGraphic-1Karen “KC” Carlson

Video Marketing, Coaching and Production
Facebook, LinkedIn
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“I took Coaches Console Bootcamp because I needed to get back on track, and learn V3 after a very difficult summer and family loss. Melinda and Kate are SO upbeat they immediately helped renew my energy. I was on super overwhelm, but every week they just calmly and clearly kept me moving. Today I have launched a new program, scheduled monthly free workshops, and have the pieces in place to steadily grow my online business. This is not just a Bootcamp about a Website. Melinda and Kate are doing so much business coaching on networking, marketing, branding, communicating via email and newsletters. The value is mind-blowing. These women demonstrate what they mean by remaining down to earth, going through their own human challenges – while keeping their business on track. Coaches Console is a Ferrari and Melinda and Kate are the real deal. Let them put you in the drivers seat!”

Web-Kathleen_Fors - FINALKathleen Fors

“The Life Makeover Wizard​”, Creator of the Holistic Emotional Makeover
Transformation Life Coach, Author, ThetaHealing Instructor & Intuitive.
Remove Every Block to Success for a Life You Can’t Imagine!​
Website 1, Website 2
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Kathleen specializes in identifying and clearing blocks that hold people back from what they desire. She specializes in emotional eating, yo yo dieting, unresolved traumas, health and relationship issues. This includes transforming stress, overwhelm and sabotaging behavior patterns for emotional, physical, and spiritual well being! Kathleen also offers ThetaHealing classes and the 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems class.

“I have been a personal life coach for over 19 years. Last year I went through a program on how to develop a premium package. My next step was to upgrade my website and automate the process of delivering value and service to my clients and be highly professional. Fortunately I was referred to Coaches Console which offered everything I was looking for and much more. If you are a new coach, investing in Coaches Console will save you tons of time, energy and money. I am too embarrassed to share how much I’ve paid to have websites build that don’t compare with Coaches Console. You will also learn valuable information regarding marketing and getting clients that I paid thousands of dollars to get. If on the other hand, you are a seasoned coach but don’t have all the back office programs such as a calendar, a way for your clients to sign their agreements, automated e-mails reminders for client appointments, auto-responders, etc. – you too will love Coaches Console. To implement Coaches Console, they offer a comprehensive Bootcamp training with plenty of support. It will take time and energy which will be well worth it!”

UntitledLarry Jacobson

Retirement Coach: When Golf And Grandkids Just Aren’t Enough

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Blog
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Serving new retirees by guiding them to a continued life of fulfillment and purpose. Coaching retirees continue to feel useful and valued in society by helping them discover their talents and passions, the opportunities they have, and easing into the transition, thus avoiding depression and suicide. With 10,000 new retirees each day for the next 15 years, this is going to be a busy market.

“After researching a variety of systems available for coaches, I was fortunate to find Coaches Console. It serves my clients and me well through its multi-functional capabilities and I discover new functions almost every day. Additionally, I’m able to deliver my custom online interactive video classroom through the system. So, the system looks great, but can be daunting. No worries, Kate and Melinda have created a complete 10-week course called Bootcamp that is reason enough to use Coaches Console. Not only did they teach us how to use the system efficiently, but also they were overly generous in sharing tips of the trade, best coaching practices, and good solid business advice. Even now that Bootcamp is over, they provide multiple avenues for getting advice and technical support.

It takes a lot to impress me these days—and Coaches Console has done it. Well done, keep up the good work. I plan on being around for a long time.”

Lori picture 1Lori Wayne

Coaching and Consulting – Are you ready for: a financially abundant business and balanced life that you love?
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Entrepreneurs and service based business owners who want to get off the money roller coaster and stop settling for mediocre business results, so they can grow financially successful businesses, achieve financial freedom, and live balanced lives that they love.

“I stumbled across Coaches Console on line by accident. It looked interesting so I decided to explore a bit more. That is when I found the Boot Camp offer.

So Boot Camp was awesome for me for a number of really practical reasons:

  • The pricing was so attractive that it would have been silly not to do – it was just too good to pass on.
  • The camp itself helped me out a ton each week, because it made it easy for me to get things done and get my CC system all set up. Because I was doing the Boot Camp I tried really hard every week to get all of the suggested actions completed. Left to my own devices and without the structure of Boot Camp it would have taken me much longer to get my system set up.
  • Having the weekly action item summaries that were published right after each Boot Camp session really helped me to prioritize my CC activities and to just work through it a bit at a time and to avoid overwhelm.
  • Access to the session videos was/is invaluable. I use them to go back and review how to get around in my system and how to specifically set up things that I don’t have up and going yet. It is a huge plus that the videos are available for an extended period of time after the Boot Camp is done. They are a very helpful resource.
  • The fact that Kate and Melinda modeled the use of the CC System as they interacted with us through out Boot Camp was also a big help because it allowed me to see the possibilities and experience CC as an end user.

So my investment of time and money in Boot Camp was an investment well made. It helped me to get in action, stay in action, and prioritize my actions all of which have helped to move my coaching practice forward in a big way.”

unnamedMargarita Martin

Coaching That makes Your “you” possible.
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Targeting direct sales, self-employed and professionals seeking to grow in their field – folks who are HUNGRY to grow and improve. One is too small of a number to achieve greatness!

“As a new coach, I knew there was a better way of doing things, getting set up to look professional and legit to my clients – I just didn’t know how to pull it off on my own! To top it off, I am the farthest thing from tech savvy. I just new I had a huge learning curve ahead of me and was bound to make major mistakes, probably very costly ones. I was getting mental whiplash with all the different ways and services I could possibly use to get organized and deliver world-class service. One day, I stumbled upon TCC, on Facebook of all places, and knew right away that THIS was my answer!!! I signed up right away for the bootcamp and I am so glad I did!

Because of TCC Bootcamp I now have a fully functioning website AND back office, I now know how it all works together to help me grow my business. Most importantly, no major costly mistakes J. I am professionally set up and confidant I will be able to serve my clients in this high paced digital world. Thank you so much Melinda and Kate!!!”

Paul Michael Daigle

Business and Lifestyle Strategist and Trusted Advisor
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I help executives, who are also parents, create a delightful career and family life at the same time. I provide emerging executives with an experienced sounding board to replace their traditional “sink or swim” growth path. As a father, having raised six children while also being an executive, I’ve got real practical experience to blend with my coaching certification. My clients appreciate my ability to identify blind spots, foresee challenges, and reveal effective options for obtaining their desired results both at home and at work. “I adore Kate’s and Melinda’s unshakable commitment. They out delivered all software programs that I’ve reviewed in terms of cost, simplicity, comprehensiveness, and user-friendliness.

You see, I was looking for ways to best support a higher number of clients and I wasn’t ready to hire a team to help me with that. Creating an online store front with WordPress could have been a good first step but was insufficient. In attempt to clarify my roadmap for expanding my business, I talked to seasoned coaches and I asked myself questions like the following: * What about a back office to manage client communication such as appointments, invoices, and agreements? * How do I stay top-of-mind with prospects? * How do I communicate with clients without being burdensome? * How do I handle online payments? * What is a platform for creating self-serve products? * How do I integrate a contact management database into what I’m doing? This could all be done in piecemeal fashion but I wasn’t thrilled about it. The seasoned coaches were all using powerful platforms such as InfusionSoft and Ontraport but that required a team of experts to manage and the cost was unjustifiable for the level of my business.

I procrastinated until I discovered The Coaches Console as a great solution. The software did everything I was looking for and the training and support team at The Coaches Console were exquisitely thorough, responsive, and caring. The Easy Breezy Bootcamp wasn’t only about training to use the software, it really inspired me and got me unstuck. Their training, accountability structure, and playfulness enabled me to build momentum and create follow through. Their closed-group Facebook community provided another sounding board for ideas and review as they had certified virtual assistants and other experts contributing.

If your coaching business isn’t online yet then it needs to be and it needs to be professional. The Coaches Console will get you there in a low cost, timely, and playful manner.”

ID_09_09_17_0675Sharon Svenson

Deliberate Creation Coaching To Revitalize, Heal, And Energize Your Body, Mind, And Soul.
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I work with souls tired of the pain and struggle, who want to let go, be deliberate creators, and relax into their well-being.I guide them into deep relaxed states, where letting go happens fast, and positive affirmations are soaked up quickly, supercharging, revitalizing, healing and energizing their body, mind and soul. Relationships get better, health issues mitigate or disappear; clarity comes; and a feeling of effortlessness and ease become the dominant experience.

“I was one of those, who believed, if you build it they will come. I thought since my clients were experiencing phenomenal results the rest would just fall into place.

I didn’t advertise or invest in my business (with the exception of sporadic postings on Facebook and LinkedIn, and local ad flyers.) I had no goals or plans for my business other than to guide my clients to incredible results. Through referrals my business grew but my business wasn’t falling into place.

  • My prices were set so low, no matter how many clients I saw, I couldn’t make a decent living.
  • I was frustrated by a certain percentage of clients who dropped out before they’d gotten the full relief, desired changes, and skills to keep the momentum going.
  • Following-up with clients by phone and individual emails was time consuming; and I wasn’t keeping in touch with past clients at all.
  • I didn’t have the time or technological know how to create the products I wanted.
  • Technology scared me and I felt powerless because I had no way to change content on my website.
  • I had a small revenue from downloads, but otherwise my website was not giving me results.
  • I live in a remote area (pop. 1500) so I thought networking wasn’t viable, in addition I was loathe to be pushy or aggressive in marketing.

Then my path opened when I heard Melinda on a free webcast promising CC could address my concerns, give me the tools and means, and through boot-camp would hold my hand and walk me through the maze.It was a gigantic leap of faith. Financially it was a stretch. I had to overcome my fears of being scammed and trust my inner guidance that this felt right. I had to move past my fears of marketing and technology, and that fearful feeling within that I couldn’t do it.

Coaches Console Bootcamp delivered and gave me even more:

  • Coaches Console held my hand and walked me through the maze. And they are still there for me. They made it feel safe to ask ignorant and stupid questions. I freely asked questions on technology, marketing, and websites. Kate and Melinda offered up tutorials and needed encouragement and support, in their weekly live sessions. They gave us incremental steps broken down and mapped out in sequential and purposeful ways. I so needed that! VA’s, a support group, and archived materials and experts gave a further layer of rich support.
  • CC gave me the wisdom and support to say no to the dabbler and create longer term packages with a higher price tag. With the CC system I can deliver exquisite client support in-between sessions. Clients are committing the time and money for the changes they desire, and changes are happening in bigger more rapid ways. The higher prices are a bargain; and the longer term packages are blessing me with a more consistent flow of income. Kate’s marketing videos helped a lot. Marketing feels softer now, I’m still on the front side of the learning curve, but I now have a direction! I have picked marketing channels that feel in alignment with my desires to empower, uplift and have fun. And I’m getting some results. Then add in the tools of the Opt-in, Newsletter, Contact List and AR, it has been life changing for me, with a new level of professionalism and tools for expansion and growth.

Thank you Coaches Console for this valuable service and product you have created and for showing me the path and the way.”

unnamedSvea Van der Hoorn

Solution-focused Futures, Calling Capable Forward-Thinking Women and Men Stuck in the Doldrums of Overwhelm… Interested in Restoring Clarity to Create a Meaningful, Impactful, and Profitable Working Life?
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Capable, forward-thinking coaches stuck in the overwhelm of working with reluctance and resistant, who seek to optimise each and every client contact, so as to be known for providing impeccable and professional coaching.

I have long (years) looked for someone who has integrated and customised the plethora of technology MUST have’s required to run an online coaching and adult education business that provides impeccable service to clients, and is not a complete overwhelm for the business owner to manage. The idea of having to immerse myself in a bunch of different programmes all requiring a headful of how to operate them, discouraged me from truly entering the online space, despite being very good at delivering my work online. The Coaches Console provides me with simplicity and integration I was looking for. I could focus on the message I wished to communicate, and rely on the TCC team to provide the platform for getting it out into the world.

Easy Breezy Boot Camp provided a systematic induction, education, and implementation system that both held my hand all along the way, as well as encouraged me to sprint when I’d got off track or delayed. This sets EB BC apart from other online offerings. Too often programmes like this deliver on their promises, only for those who get going well, and stay on track. Easy Breezy Boot Camp took my needs seriously, responding to what I needed, when I needed it on my learning journey. I experienced a bespoke rather than a on-size-fits-all approach.

I was very impressed by the way Melinda and Kate set the bar at the level we needed in order to succeed in the online space, yet also provided the support to keep us encouraged to tackle the learning curve. It was steep! It was matched by the potency of their special ingredient. The special ingredient of providing both a stable, always accessible series of videos and handouts, together with a hugely resourceful team of Certified VAs who respond swiftly to specific needs. This blend evaporated the technology overwhelm crises, turning them from daunting to do-able, within moments.

The clarity of what to do, how to do, and when to do it provided a containing structure. This allowed my creativity to show up in ways, that also got a website done. Not for the sake of having a pretty online presence, but rather as the front end of a client service delivery system.

I still don’t enthuse about technology but I do feel excited and confident that at last I can work in the online space in a way that works for me and provides high quality to my clients.”