EasyBreezy Bootcamp Graduation Extravaganza

Drumroll, please …

We’re pleased—well, beyond pleased, actually …

We’re ecstatic to announce the Top 11 Graduates from our Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp!

We offer 1 or 2 Bootcamps each year, and the most recent session—which boasted 250 graduates—ended this past November. (The next session begins in 2018.)

We’re proud to tell you about the top 11 students in this past session—the “cum laude” of the bunch who launched their businesses with our support and who are now thriving!

A panel of judges selected this group of coaches from among an amazing set of applicants, based on how well they implemented the different elements of The Coaches Console and the Bootcamp. In other words, they serve as fantastic examples of what’s possible when a coach uses all the tools at his or her disposal. Narrowing the “cum laude” down to just 11 coaches was so difficult, because all of the applicants rocked it!

So what did they have at their disposal? We’re going to tell you, so you know exactly how the Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp can transform or jumpstart a coaching business!

Students who enroll in the Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp receive:

  • 10 content-rich webinars in which we provide fun, live teaching and question-answering.
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up The Coaches Console, and implementing and automating its features.
  • Access to the private Bootcamp Portal.
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group, where members support one another and post homework and feedback.
  • More than 20 templates to use in their businesses right away.
And some pretty awesome bonuses:
  • Our all-inclusive software system—The Coaches Console—for six months.
  • A ready-to-go, 5-part, done-for-you coaching program members can use as a gift to their clients.
  • Weekly live group coaching calls for as long as they’re members of The Coaches Console.
  • Our “From Prospects To Paying Clients: The 4 Essential Elements To Create A Thriving Coaching Business” training.
  • Our “Network Your Way To An Abundant Business … Even if You’re Terrified of Networking!” training.

Now, without further ado, we’d like to present the Top 11 Graduates from the November 2016 Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp Graduating Class!

(And, just a quick note here: if you’re still struggling with your website or getting your business up and running, sign up for the free gifts our Top 11 Grads are offering … learn from some coaches who are on the road to success!)

Patricia Keel Photo squareRev. Dr. Patricia Keel

Transformational Life Coaching, Spiritual Coach and Teacher
Website 1, Website 2
Free Gift, Oneness Meditations online

“I can’t imagine having my coaching business without Coaches Console. Only 6 months ago I was struggling and working so hard to make it happen, wasting lots of money and draining my energy. I didn’t have a focus or structure. I was taking various courses with “experts” in marketing, webinars as the way to get new clients, email services, course delivery systems and more. All this great information was not really moving me in the direction of more clients and income, but causing extreme overwhelm and frustration. I didn’t have a structure to implement all the great ideas. Along comes BOOTCAMP for Coaches Console. I got the email about Bootcamp from a trusted teacher and really looked hard at what was being offered in the Coaches Console Program. I could see that if I switched my online courses to TCC I could also integrate my automated email delivery and client contacts. Right there I would save money and have things in one place. That seemed like a smart move, a no brainer for me. But then there was the matter of the learning curve to make the switch. I had invested lots of time in learning all these other systems on my own, so this time I decided, I am going to get support from the people who know how to do this! The decision to join BOOTCAMP was the best business decision I’ve made in the past 6 months, maybe even past few years! I know that sounds extreme, but since following the weekly lessons religiously (HA HA, I’m a minister and I know how people tend to skip church with paltry excuses), and doing the homework, my life and my business has come alive. I have more clients and more income, with a plan in place so that when I travel I’m not out of touch with my clients. Another key feature of Bootcamp is that it’s both step by step, linear 1,2,3, to get your website up and running, but also wholistic and shares the bigger picture to grow your business with integrity and authenticity. Melinda’s webinars teach you how to use the software of TCC, at the same time integrating great coaching practices, clarifying your niche, creating a dynamic free gift lead magnet – with the easy peasy way to deliver it right there on your home page. No need to hire a web person to manage all this, the system is set up to do it for you. Just add content and voila – you look super professional. The weekly Q and A sessions with Kate are wide open to any question and the Facebook page is a great connection. I also had a great coach Devora, who helped me in my website/free gift design but also allowed me to see the value of the backend of the Coaches Console system to keep in touch with clients seamlessly. So I am a HUGE fan. I’d recommend Bootcamp to anyone who is serious about growing a coaching business, whether you are new at it, or trying to get all your ducks in order. And one of my all time favorite lessons learned was to ASK FOR SUPPORT. The Team at Coaches Console is amazing and so available to help with the tiniest problem. I am happy to talk to any one who is on the fence. I’ll listen to your concerns, then say GO TO BOOTCAMP.”

SalmonKelly Heithold

Wellbeing Connexions
I help stressed out professionals who want to reduce stress, get healthy and have more energy to enjoy their life.


“Easy Breezy Bootcamp has taken me to the next level in my business. I had been stuck in overwhelm and confusion for over 3 years, trying to figure out all the pieces I needed to set up a coaching business. I had found many pieces to the puzzle but no one to help me put them together into a clear picture. Coaches Console is an integrated system and Easy Breezy Bootcamp not only teaches you how to use the system, but also teaches you the marketing aspects of a business. This is exactly what I needed to finally get my business up and going. I am excited to finally have the tools I need to get started and to continue expanding my services. Thank you Melinda, Kate and Coaches Console team! Kelly Heithold, Wellbeing Connexions”

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Nancy photoNancy Southern, BFA & MSW

Road Less Traveled Coaching
Overwhelmed, lost and frustrated with what to do with my life. What’s wrong with me?

Facebook, LinkedIn

“I am so delighted with the diversity of features and thoughtful support provided in the Coaches Console platform. It makes having a viable coaching business so much easier and that frees up my time and energy to serve more clients and be more creative in my programs and correspondence. The more I learn about the capabilities of the platform the more excited I get to put them into use. Before discovering Coaches Console and participating in the Easy Breezy Bootcamp, for years I struggled with every aspect of the behind the scenes elements necessary for a successful practice. The tech team and resource library are by far the most comprehensive, friendly, and supportive of any online program I have ever invested in. Without that added support I would not be where I am today as I was borderline technology phobic! I have far exceeded my own beliefs about my ability to work with websites, autoresponders, landing pages, opt-in boxes and on and on. I am no longer terrified or restricted by them and see a bright and successful future ahead of me thanks to Coaches Console.—Nancy Southern, BFA & MSW”

FBI7A1250_VictoriaM_webVictoria McCooey

The Divorce Course for Women
Women who are going through divorce

“You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s pretty much the theme of how I set out to start my coaching business. I thought because I had a passion for the work I was going to do, and a clear vision of how I would coach my clients, I could just create a website, and the rest would follow. What I didn’t know was how to structure a successful business, how to market my product or how to set up a back-end system for billing. Thank goodness I googled my way into The Coaches Console. Once I saw what they had to offer, I signed up and never looked back. They pretty much spoon-fed me everything I needed to know (but didn’t know it) in bite-size pieces, gave me tasks to complete that moved me toward my goal, and invited me to check in with a coach who would hold me accountable. And guess what — it worked! Through Coaches Console, I now have a fully functional website (that’s also beautifully-designed, thanks to their templates), marketing systems in place and already producing, and an entire community of support. Plus, I actually have a business plan that will help me grow my practice at a sustainable rate. Now I know what it takes…and I’ve got it!”

Jen_Horvath_Coach_HeadshotJenifer Horvath

Heart Lifted Coaching
Whole life coaching for women with children who are tired of surviving and are ready to thrive

“I found Coaches Console as I was researching all the technological components needed for running an online coaching business – scheduling, lead funnels, emails, CRM and private client area. I literally cheered when I realized Coaches Console platform incorporated these entire components into one web-based platform. I didn’t need to cobble together many different service offerings, let alone spend time flipping between them to get them set up and ensure they communicate with each other. Coaches Console’s integration is seamless and all at my fingertips. The platform itself is easy to use and has saved me so much time. Time that was better spent connecting with clients and potential clients. As good luck would have it, I discovered Coaches Console at the same time registration for Easy Breezy Bootcamp was happening. Bootcamp was an excellent way to get even clearer on my business and get the Coaches Console set up within a 3-month window. The program was completely worth the investment. It gave me the structure, insights and community I was looking for to help get Heart Lifted Coaching up and running. Kate and Melinda’s experience and passion make the program enjoyable and practical. The private Facebook group also was a tremendous. I’ve made friends through the Bootcamp that I’m sure will last for years. Thanks for supporting me! – Jenifer Horvath”

L1ONJ-54RPIXP_beauregarda_03Angelique Beauregard

AB Transformations Inc.
Overweight, overstressed, overtired midlife women

Facebook, LinkedIn

“Coaches Console came into my life at exactly the right moment. I had just received my certification as a transformational nutrition coach, and was looking to create a web presence to start my business. I was overwhelmed by all the elements I would have to incorporate into a website in order to grow my list and sell my services online. Without a backend to support me, I was afraid to talk to people about what I was offering. It kept me from moving forward and launching my business sooner. Also, I lacked the confidence to put myself out there because I wasn’t clear about who I wanted to serve and couldn’t find the words to express how I could help them.”

Patricia (Patty) K. Maples

Executive and Conflict Coaching Solutions
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

“I signed up for the Coaches Console’s boot camp not knowing what to expect. I needed a website and I needed it now! I got so much more! Using weekly structured webinars and meetings, Melinda and Kate delivered invaluable information about starting and running a business as an entrepreneur, clarifying your niche, understanding fully and articulating how to address the pain points of your ideal client, and developing marketing strategies that will facilitate continuous business success! The console system is an essential tool now for my business, allowing me to use it when creating coaching agreements, sending invoices, recording notes from coaching sessions, keeping my website up to date, sending newsletters, and more! The Coaches Console’s technical staff of virtual assistants provided me with almost constant exemplary support and for that I am internally grateful. I am also grateful for the services of a personal coach, Devora Gila Berkow who kindly helped me whenever I have any questions or concerns. I highly recommend the the Coaches Console’s boot camp experience to new entrepreneurs or to those who want to reach a higher level of success!”

LauraLaura Harju

Love Coach
Single women
Facebook, LinkedIn
Free Grift

“Before running in to Kate and Melinda I had thought about starting my own coaching business for a year. I was feeling insecure even though I had been working with a business coach earlier, because I didn’t feel that I had all the pieces of the puzzle together. When I heard Melinda’s webinar about Coaches Console, I knew instantly that it was exactly the thing I needed to get my coaching business up and running. I was even more thrilled when Melinda said that they were going to open the registration to Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp, where I would be guided through the system and helped to build my coaching business as well. I immediately jumped in and I haven’t regretted that decision.Now I’m feeling more confident about my own business, I know that all the necessary pieces are in place and I can comfortably speak with potential clients about my services. The free gift that I created during the Bootcamp has been a tremendous help when I’m expanding my business towards online courses, which I can host on my Console, which is a big benefit for me. I want to give a special thank you to my coach Margarita Martin, one of the Bootcamp Top 10 students from the previous session. She was the one who inspired me along the way and pushed me at the end to have all my criteria met to participate in the Extravaganza Graduation Competition. She is one of the biggest reasons why I can now proudly be one of the Top 11 students of Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp. I wouldn’t be here without Kate, Melinda, my coach Margarita, the TCC team, and the active Facebook group of other Bootcampers. If you are planning to have your own coaching business, Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp and Coaches Console are something that you want to invest your time and money into. It’s totally worth it! With love, Laura”

Kim ParrottKimberly H. Parrott

SeaChange Resources, LLC
Executive and Team Coaching for Senior Leaders & Emerging Leaders
Facebook, LinkedIn

“Dollar for dollar and minute for minute, the Easy Breezy Bootcamp has delivered more value than any other professional development program I have taken part in. Kate and Melinda’s holistic approach to empowering coaches includes niche clarification, market research, marketing 101 & 201, not to mention the tower of infrastructure that comes with The Coaches Console online platform itself. A competent and compassionate team of coaches and certified virtual assistants support you every step of the way. I can’t recommend this enough for new coaches starting their business or veteran coaches taking their practice to the next level.”

AlexandraAlexandra McLean

Eagle Wind Coaching
Working with people experiencing doubts about midlife
Facebook, LinkedIn

“I cannot sing the praises highly enough about my Easy Breezy Boot Camp Experience. I knew when I researched into the Bootcamp Experience that it was really great value. However, what I didn’t bargain for was to the extent it helped me learn, grow and flourish. Bootcamp went way above my expectations as I received bonus upon bonus. Not only did I receive excellent step by step guided training from Kate and Melinda, I was allocated an extraordinary coach who accompanied my journey and gave everything to bring the best out in me by being genuine, encouraging and challenging. Being technically challenged the superb support from the IT team was invaluable. The private FB group was a great place to connect, share and be inspired. The Bootcamp experience for me was priceless because I sensed Kate, Melinda and all their team really care and they believed in me every step of the way. Trusting in the Bootcamp experience helped me to trust in myself and when you follow good sound advice you get above and beyond great results. Alexandra McLean, Paris, France”


Marilla Arguelles

Our niche market is public school teachers who want more for their underachieving, underfunded students.


“BEFORE EBBC I knew what problems I wanted to solve. What I didn’t know was who could pay for my solutions. Public school teachers can’t afford my packages, but education departments of progressive colleges can. Since I’m outside the Ivory Tower, I needed a sophisticated platform like the Console to feel confident. I can now provide attractive, engaging, and valuable content in a professional manner to department chairs and administrators, not just locally, but worldwide. WOW!”