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Complete love and gratitude to everyone that makes The Coaches Console possible. Not only does it make us efficient, it adds tremendous value to our “WHY”. Having TCC to use as a tool for our clients sets us apart from 99% of coaches in the business. AFTER TCC and our FaceBook group, I feel like a coach, I act like a coach, I’m set up to be a coach. I AM A COACH!!! SO yes, Module 5 has me really excited Melinda Cohan. Thank you. You know you could charge double for TCC and BootCamp and it would still be more VALUABLE than the price!!!

Gerald Vance

I now have a real system in place for all aspects of managing my business! I feel so relieved and am back to enjoying my life. Just this week I had a “Talk with Renee” (my sample session) with a prospect/hot lead. Seconds after completing this session, I ran out of my office and said to my husband, “It’s so easy–I just sent the coaching agreement to my prospect, she immediately signed it and I have a new client ready to go!

Renee Matlock

What I love about Bootcamp is that it is not just training on how to use the Coaches Console, it’s about how to be a successful business owner. Before Coaches Console I had started to do work with a business coach that promised me a roadmap to success. I never saw the roadmap! With Coaches Console there is a roadmap! In fact, I downloaded it, sent it to Staples, had it enlarged and print it on card stock and use it in my office as a constant reminder of exactly where I am on the journey, where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Brent Roy

When I first began my business I was struggling to get more clients. And even if I did get them, I didn’t have a process of how to manage them. The “Shiny Object” syndrome constantly distracted me so I wasn’t able to focus on what truly made a difference. Not having my foundations in place to handle growth and a lot of clients was stopping me from getting any clients at all.

Now with Coaches Console as my back-office foundation, I have the confidence and certainty, that when my clients come I can really deliver high quality coaching and services. This system gives me confidence from knowing I have everything in place in an automated process, confident that my clients are being served and I’m not worried that I will miss something and can truly make a difference in the lives of my clients. Specifically the Bootcamp has helped me to focus and to do more of the projects I want for my business. I have a firm foundation and Coaches Console and my TCC Certified VA are helping me get to that place faster than I ever would have on my own.

Leonardo Bustos

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