Automatically Change Your Mind for Success!


Good morning!

I want to share with you one of the easiest ways that you can automatically change your mind for success. I’m actually not gonna talk about mindset or thinking or anything like that. I want to share with you a tool that, when you use this, gives you direct connection to a clear, conscious mind.

A lot of times, the reason why we get stuck or find challenges is because we’re living too far into the future: What should I do? What could I do? Is this the right choice? Is that the wrong choice? Or we’re contemplating about what we did or did not do in the past: I should have done this. If I could have done that. I would have done. Shoulda, coulda, woulda… and all that stuff. And it gets us in the past, in the future, and it’s like a tug of war, and we don’t go anywhere.

To change your mind for success you first have to come back to the present moment. In the present moment, with a clear mind, grounded in your truth – whatever that it means for you – from that place you can change your thoughts. What you think about is what you create in your world. Thoughts become things. And then when you can align your words, your actions, your energy, and your emotions with those thoughts – now you’re consciously creating! That’s the place you want to create success in your business or any aspect of your life, whether it’s with your spouse, whether it’s with your children and family, relationships, any job you might have. Whatever it is, having that clarity of mind is where is where it all begins.

So here’s a quick tool that you can use if you’re driving in your car, if you’re on a train, if you’re sitting at your desk, working in and struggling with the project, or wherever you might be, going on a walk – people don’t even know you’re doing it – it’s that cool and that easy to grab. And it goes like this: it’s called “the four-seven-eight breath”. And dr. Andrew Weil is the one that really kind of brought this to the fruition. He’s a Harvard medically trained doctor that really focuses on holistic practices.

And this “four-seven-eight breath” is a simple technique. Now it’s based on the ancient Indian approach, and it goes like this: so you just completely exhale, and then you inhale through your nose with a closed mouth for the count of four; you then hold that breath for the count of seven; and then you exhale making that “whoosh” sound for the count of eight. By doing this a few times – it doesn’t take much; maybe two-three times – by doing this (it’s also known as “the relaxing breath”) it relaxes you. You’ll notice that your shoulders melt away from your ears, you actually have space here so that you can breathe properly. A lot of us just have shallow breathing, and we sometimes when we’re at our desk we don’t breathe for extended periods of time. And this only increases our stress.

When we can practice this conscious breathing we can relax our bodies, relax our mind, get us connected to the moment right now, clear our mind and instantly begin to thin new thoughts to co-create for success. That’s what I want for you, so I want to share this tool with you to make sure you’re practicing it on a regular daily basis. Enjoy, and post your comments below for after you do this. What did you notice? What did you feel in your body? What did you notice about your mind? I’d love to hear it comment below and let me know.