The spiritual effects of sisterhood

This week, I’ve sent you a few emails on sisterhood. This is one of my favorite topics, mainly because I know in my heart that this is absolutely critical for your own personal growth, as well as the growth of your business! Community is paramount, but connecting with other women, a.k.a. sisterhood, takes your business […]

I want to get personal with you…

Today I want to get personal with you. As a woman, I’m sure you might be able to relate… The world has taught women to shrink, to play small, to hold back, to hush and not speak, to go along with status quo… and isolation keeps that in check. I know I’ve felt this in […]


Today I want to tell you about what I believe is the most important thing for your business right now (more than ever before!) Ready to know what this one thing is? Drumroll, please… Sisterhood. Community is paramount. But for your and your business, it’s not only about community, I’m talking specifically about sisterhood. Isolation […]