What Skiing Taught Me About Business: 2 Things You Need for Success

I LOVE to ski—for years now, it’s been a passion of mine. I love it for all the things you’re probably imagining: the beauty of nature, the peacefulness of fresh fallen snow that sparkles, the adventure. I also love it for what it taught me about business and life. I learned how to ski when […]

The Truth About Why You Don’t Have Time to Start Your Coaching Business

  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve entered into a conversation with a coach who says she wants to start her coaching business, but she “doesn’t have time.” Does this sound familiar? You have a full-time J-O-B. You have a spouse and kids and friends. You have errands and cooking and dishes. You […]

7 Steps to High-Paying Clients

Guest Post by Jeanna Gabellini Many entrepreneurs dream of doing what they love and getting highly paid for it. Not me. I was so off-my-rocker excited about the process of coaching that I left my first coaches training session ready to coach the world. The money part came later for me. I soon had more […]