Structure Breeds Freedom, Creativity & Speciality!

Easy Breezy Bootcamp CASE STUDY: Structure Breeds Freedom, Creativity & Speciality! Feeling hesitant… Slema was anything but confident to leap full-on into her coaching business because she wasn’t quite sure of which steps to take, in which order, to sign clients and then give them the support they needed. This was the point at which […]

Creating an Amazing Business to Live an Amazing Life

Easy Breezy Bootcamp CASE STUDY: Creating an Amazing Business to Live an Amazing Life Burnout… This was the point at which Lisa said she was at “a fork in her soul.” This is when Lisa turned things around in her business and she began to experience her passion, renewed connection with her family and greater […]

The Number One Piece of Advice I Followed to Fill my Coaching Practice

As you navigate the early stages of launching your coaching business, you’re probably receiving a ton of advice … advice about marketing and client support, and, of course, about how to attract leads and convert them to clients so you can fill your practice. You probably know that not all advice is created equal. That’s […]

From Stuck to Thriving!

Brent Roy, Professional Life and Leadership Coach, was stuck. He was coaching a few clients, but wanted to attract more. He wanted to take the steps necessary to turn his coaching hobby into a profitable business—and he was exhausted from trying (and spinning his wheels). It would have been ideal to earn as much as […]

She Started out Organized … but Needed THIS to Take Her Business to the Next Level

When Nan Reed Twiss launched her Coach for Higher coaching practice, she did it right the first time: she began using The Coaches Console from the start. Nan believes doing so saved her from dealing with the challenges of automation and organization—and spared her from discovering the hard way what she didn’t know in terms […]

The Structure and Momentum She Needed to Build a Thriving Coaching Business

When Jenifer Horvath, founder of Heart Lifted Coaching, was reorganized out of her corporate job, it was both a dream and a nightmare: she finally had the time and space to become a full-time coach, but she was also overwhelmed with ALL the aspects of setting up her coaching business, finding clients, and changing her […]