Have you done it yet?

You’ve got to do it TODAY!!! Cheri Merz has… Lisa Martin has… Bob Sterr has… and so has Doni Boyer-Landefeld, Roslyn King along with Deanna Lang and many others… Will you be one too???

Coaching Business Trends of 2019

Welcome to the *free* Trends of 2019 LiveCas. I want to share with you some trends I’m seeing for 2019 in the coaching industry… Here’s a sneak peek: one of the trends I’ll be sharing helps to eliminate the #1 thing most coaches mistakenly do to their new clients that creates overwhelm right out of […]

Why upgrade to VIP

Today I share a personal story that I think you’ll really relate to. Watch below to hear… And I want you to imagine what it would feel like to give yourself a gift “that keeps on giving” throughout the whole year… a gift where your business is bringing in consistent revenue to take care of […]

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

If you’re ready to uplevel your coaching business and say YES! to spending three days with me in Atlanta, then I want to walk you through exactly what that looks like. To be a coach you need to know these three main things: ✨The Skills of Coaching. ✨The Marketing of Coaching. ✨The Business of Coaching. […]