Kate’s favorite part of Overcoming Underearning

What do you believe about money? And more importantly, what do you CHOOSE to believe? Kate and I go back to 2007 and reflect on what we used to believe about money—and what we used to charge—and compare that to where we are now in 2019. It’s amazing to see where we were and where […]


Today I want to tell you about what I believe is the most important thing for your business right now (more than ever before!) Ready to know what this one thing is? Drumroll, please… Sisterhood. Community is paramount. But for your and your business, it’s not only about community, I’m talking specifically about sisterhood. Isolation […]

Whats important in your buisiness

Are you struggling with getting the next level in your business? Or desiring bigger results? We’re addressing these exact issues head on at our live event in a few weeks. But I wanted to give you three tips right now that you can do … This all boils down to what’s most important in your […]