What I Believe

Today I want to share my core beliefs with you… Why? Because this is what The Coaches Console is built upon…everything I believe in. And as you continue to grow your business, it’s important for you to get crystal clear on your beliefs too. I hope my sharing mine, it’ll help you gain more clarity […]

The biggest internal breakthrough you must master

Yesterday, I filled you in on why trust is the “key: to list-building…If you didn’t get a chance to read my email yet, make sure you go back when you can. I’m giving you a taste of the magic over the next few weeks—snippets of in-depth info we cover at Lifestyle LIVE. I want you […]

Why Trust is the Key to Building Your List

I want to start this special Taste of the Magic series—which I’m sharing with you because I want you to get a true taste of the magic that happens when we come together. This is a sample of what I share at Lifestyle LIVE!, the live experience in February. I want YOU to have this […]

Let your light shine in 2019

I had a big AHA moment before 2019. I realized that…you don’t really know who I am! We’ve not spent much time together outside of emails. This hit me as I was looking at all the emails I’ve written to promote Lifestyle LIVE—the live event happening in February. I want to be totally honest, transparent […]

Have you done it yet?

You’ve got to do it TODAY!!! Cheri Merz has… Lisa Martin has… Bob Sterr has… and so has Doni Boyer-Landefeld, Roslyn King along with Deanna Lang and many others… Will you be one too???