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It’s time for a huge celebration in the midst of everything going on. Just because things are rapidly changing, there’s so much uncertainty in the world with the COVID-19 Pandemic, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have massive celebrations… in fact, I believe the more we can find to celebrate, the more we can shift the energy and mindset we’re experiencing.

You met the top 3 finalists of our annual We Launch You Contest last week… you heard their stories… witnessed their journeys… related to their experiences…

Some of your responses after hearing their interviews:

  • “..all three finalists bursted through ceilings they did not even realize were there at the beginning of the program. And, the ripple effect NOW…the momentum they have created in their lives and businesses…that’s what is spreading out over the whole world…”
  • “… your clients have grown and been equipped by you and I am so glad you have broken through the volunteer to Entrepreneur mindset!”

And now it’s time… I must announce the winner!