One of the questions many folks are starting to ask during this Pandemic is:

“What if there is a different way to approach this situation?”

As we’re in this time of limbo where upheaval has happened but the “new norm” hasn’t yet been established, this question is guiding so many people to consciously create their situations right now.

As a leadership and sports performance coach, that’s just what Mary Fineis, one of our Coaching Business Accelerator graduates, has been asking of her student athletes and their parents right now to help them pivot during these unprecedented times.

In fact, it was this same underlying question Mary asked herself just over a year ago regarding her approach to her own coaching business – and it was the question that changed everything for her.

Prior to last year, Mary had always treated her coaching business as volunteer work or a philanthropic service. She was never doing it for the money, but for the impact on others.

Sound familiar?

Mary’s aha that led to more impact…

Her aha (that she goes into depth in this interview) was that the more she could treat her coaching business like a business, the more impact she could have and the more lives she could touch.

We Launch You Contest Finalists

I’ve been sharing with everyone about our Coaching Business Accelerator Program We Launch You Contest as being one way we can support coaches in taking their business to the next level.

Of the top 3 finalists, we will award the Grand Prize of $5,000 to one recipient to help them Launch their business.

I’m excited to announce Mary Fineis as one of our top 3 finalists!!


You can hear more about Mary’s journey (and use it as a source of inspiration during these interesting times) in the interview above.

I’ve done a behind-the-scenes look into their journey where I ask them about:


The challenges they faced and the negative impact it was having on their business and life.

The mindsets and “dragons” that they had to overcome.
The results they’re experiencing (and how it’s strongly positioned them to handle everything unfolding with this pandemic crisis).
Why their business is critical during these times and how they’re pivoting to serve their clients.
The celebrations they’re continuing to experience (even in these uncertain times).

To read more about Mary:

Mary Fineis,

Mary Fineis,

Game Changer Coaching, LLC

As a life, leadership and sports performance Coach, Mary works with student athletes and their parents to enable them to become the best version of their authentic self, execute their own personal success formula to reach goals, and develop a mindset that leads to improvement and enjoyment every day.

Stay tuned… I’ll be announcing the GRAND PRIZE $5,000 Winner on Tuesday April 14th at Noon EST!

Stronger Together & Inspiring Each Other,