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Melinda: Hey, gang! Good morning! It’s Melinda here.

And you know, all the time people are asking me “Melinda, how do I find more people to talk to? How do I get new leads? How do I find new clients? Like, where do they come from? How do I get in front of them? How can I have conversations?” And this is a big, just a big topic for a lot of start-up coaches. Heck! It’s a topic for established coaches. If you sit down to your desk and you don’t have enough names on your contact list, or you’re not getting enough sample sessions, I’ve got some information for you today. There’s three things that I want to share with you now, and then I’m gonna be spending a lot of time this afternoon on a free training that I want to make sure that you’re on.

And right now what I want to share with you is, when it comes to finding new people, the first place that I see people jumping to is the “where” statement: “where do I find them, where do I locate them?” But there’s two things that you have to know first. If you don’t know these things, that’s why locating them often feels hard. If it’s not effortless, you’re probably not paying attention to these two things. I’m gonna talk more in detail on the training later today about that.

But the first thing is: know who you’re talking to. You know, I used to go to a networking group here, locally, and there was this one guy, and he would stand up every week and he would say: “anybody with a pulse, I’d love to talk to them.” That doesn’t really cut it, right? It’s like, okay for real. Like, who’s your client? What kind of transformation do you provide? Who do you
love working with? All right, so know who you want to talk to, and and what describes them. Not by demographic, not by characteristics necessarily. But you got to know the collection of individuals that you want to be in front of, that want to hear what you have to say. Because “anybody with the pulse” may not have the need for what you’re offering. So you gotta know who you’re talking to.

The second thing is to know how to talk to them. So many times, what I observe with our clients and participants in our programs is: they’re actually getting in front of a lot of people, but they don’t know how to talk, they don’t know how to say things, or how to communicate with them. So the opportunity falls flat. And they they’re not even realizing that it could have been an opportunity. So you also have to know how to talk to them. Again, I’m gonna go into more detail on the free training later today about that.

And then, number three: you can finally begin to locate where to find them. Because when you know who you want to talk to, and you can describe that segment of people, you know how to communicate with them – the phrases, the language, the words that they resonate with – then it becomes easy to locate where do they hang out. And, in fact, on the training this afternoon, one of my favorite parts of the training is probably, if I had to guess, is probably going to be: maybe not quite halfway through the training, I’m gonna give you twenty places, twenty different ways and places that you can find new leads, and find clients. They’re proven. They’re not just good concepts; they’re actual strategies that have gotten people clients over, and over, and over again. I’m gonna give you a list of those twenty on the training today, so make sure you hop on that training.

And, the thing that I want you to know about these three steps I’ve just shared with you – know who you want to talk to, know how to talk to them, and then know where to talk to them, or where to find them – that’s gotta be in that order. Don’t mix it up or you’re making it harder for yourself. Deal? You’ll see the link below. Click reserve your seat now, if you haven’t, because I’m gonna be telling you how to find leads beyond the people that you already know, to make it easy to get in front of them, have conversations, so that you can confidently talk with them and interact with them, that leads to clients, and leads to referrals. Sounds good? I’ll see you on the training.

It can be as easy as 1…2…3… to get into Group Coaching…

It can be as easy as 1…2…3… to get into Group Coaching… but don’t take my word for it… look who I found…


Melinda: Hey there! Oh my gosh, we’re here at the Thought Leader Business Summit. We’ve been spending three days together, and I’ve got my friend Michelle Scheibnell here.

Michelle: Hello!

Melinda: And we come together several times a year to mastermind our business, and we have been having a lot of fun. And one of the things that I’ve shared with you is a resource that this amazing gal has put together. If you are interested in group coaching, maybe you’re just getting started and you want an easy way to leverage your business right out of the gate, maybe you’ve hit a plateau and you want to grow to the next level. Group coaching is a way that you can expand your business model. So I thought, while we were here – we don’t have much time because we’re getting ready to start our session – but I thought: you want to give us a quick tip well?

Michelle: Yeah, what I what I definitely want you to do is be sure to download the free ebook that Malinda post the link to right here, below us. A lot of times people ask
me like “how big should my group be?”, “how long should it run for?”, “how should I price it?” And the fact is there a variety of different group coaching models that can work for you and your business. The key is really identifying what are your goals and objectives when it comes to groups, and then figuring out the right group option for you. So definitely go ahead and download the ebook, because I’ll walk you through the three most proven and profitable group coaching models, and then you can see which one will be the best one for you to choose to get started with groups.

And that’s actually just part of a hold free training series I have. So I hope you take advantage of all of it, because I am on a mission to help more coaches help more people, and make more money in less time by coaching groups. So love to be able to serve you and share more group coaching resources with you!

Melinda: Awesome! Thank You Michelle! So click that link below; you’ll see the link in in this post. And it’s a free download.

She also has a video training that she’ll go a little deeper into some juicy nuggets, and some of her greatest tips that she has in there. So if you’ve been struggling, or you kind of have that “I
don’t know what to do about groups”, here’s your chance! Go grab it, get it now (she’s got an upcoming training for it as well), and have a lot of fun with it!

We’re here to serve you and support you to your outrageous success. Let’s have a lot of fun!
All right, bye bye!

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