5 Tips for Getting Out & Meeting New People (video)

I don’t know about you, but for me, being an introvert makes it a bit difficult to meet new people.

But of course, meeting people is necessary to grow my list and build my business.

So this little curly-haired introvert has five tips (plus a bonus tip) to share with you today to help YOU Get Out & Meet New People.

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A Successful Coach’s “Secret” to Success…. (video)

This is one of the most powerful (and fastest) ways to reduce stress without ever leaving your desk…

This is one (of two) of my go to “tools” to help keep me in the flow, creativity and rhythm of my day!

Do you use this too???

4 Intrinsic Signs You’re Destined for Success… (video)

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4 essential things to check off your list before becoming an entrepreneur… (video)

Hey there! I wanna share with you four essential things that you gotta check off your list before you become an entrepreneur. I mean, being an entrepreneur is one of the greatest privileges I think there is in our world and culture today. You’ve got a lot of freedom with your time, with your money, and a lot of flexibility. You get to be your own boss. You get to create your business exactly the way you want to. It’s also one of the most challenging life paths you can take. It’s also one of the most rewarding. Right? So it’s both of these things and I wanna bring these four essential elements to your attention before you step on to that path of being an entrepreneur.

The first one is to know your why – W-H-Y. Why are you gonna do what you’re about to do. As an entrepreneur, you’re about to have your own business, set it up, start it, launch it, grow it. Right? Why are you doing that? And I want you to repeat that question over and over. Why am I starting this business. Why is this important to me? You’re gonna answer that question. Whatever that answer is, why is that important to me? You’re gonna come up with an answer. Whatever that answer is, why is that important? You’re gonna keep going kind of that up stairs up. I call it the “Pyramid of Why.” You’re gonna keep going up that pyramid until you get to the core essence of what lights you up? What is most passionate? This is your sacred work that you are doing. Why is important? That will be your beacon that get you out of bed as you bump into challenges, as you encounter things that you may not be good at but necessary to do. This will be your beacon. You must know your why.

The second thing is, you gotta set aside a cushion. There are so many people out there that are starting businesses that think they don’t have to start a business – and that is not true. Now the beautiful thing in today’s age with the technology and the resources that are out there, it doesn’t take a lot to start a business. Specially a coaching practice or something like that. Much like a brick and mortar retail shop might cause. But you gotta have a cushion. You’ll hear different things from different people but I recommend a six month cushion of your essential expenses. Now, that’s gonna mean that you’re gonna sit down, and, you’re gonna look at your lifestyle. You’re gonna look at what’s nice, what’s necessary, what’s an absolute non negotiable. And you’re gonna figure out what are my bottom line expenses. And as they ramsey-top me, you’re gonna live like no one else for short period of time, so you can live like no one else for a long period of time. But you have to have that cushion set aside because when you’re launching a new business, when you’re launching a new idea, it some time to get momentum. It may not take a lot of time. It could take a matter of weeks or a matter of months, it could take a year or longer. But if you have that cushion. Do not fool yourself. Look at the essential money that you need. What can you live with that for a short period of time. Have that six month cushion before you ever get started. It will give you that breathing room so that you’re not coming at this from this place of desperation or needing or freakingoutness. Right?

The third thing is what I call getting organised in advanced. It’s one of the unsexy things about about an entrepreneur, but so necessary and I think it’s sexy. Because when you’re organised in advance, the results are effortless. You’re graceful in your business with your clients and impact that you made. And so, creating a business plan ahead of time so that it helps to organise all the essential elements necessary when you put on that hat of a business owner. That’s required because being a a great coach is one thing, running a thriving business is all together different. Having a business plan make sure that you proactively going that path of setting up and launching your business so you can create success fairly quickly.

A lot of coaches and practitioners out there that just fly in by the sit of their plans and hopes something works. And they’re trying new marketing trends, and, hoping. Hoping and flying by the sit in your plans, making things up as you go does not cut it as an entrepreneur. It might cut it as a hobbyist but not if you want to have a thriving business and there’s a difference. That’s the third thing – creating a business plan and getting organised in advance.

The final thing – I’m gonna be very blunt with you on this one. The final thing that you’ve got to check off your list is you gotta let go of victim. So often, an employee mindset which most people are accustomed to – there’s a little bit of victimless in it. Here’s what I mean – I don’t mean like, it’s not necessarily the whiny-victimy kind of thing. But a lot of times when an employee mindset is easy to get into the trap of “that’s not my job, that is supposed to be done by that person over there, ” or “my boss was supposed to do that,” or “my manager didn’t get me this,” or “that team mate didn’t get me that.” The employee mindset is easy to get in that “it’s not my job.” As an entrepreneur, there is zero room for that. You are responsible for everything. It’s no freaking joke. Now, when you’re organised in advance, when you got a coach, a community, a mastermind, when you’re surrounding yourself with like-minded people, its a lot easier. You gotta let go of victim. It can not be part of your equation. That’s one of the beautiful rewards about this path of being an entrepreneur. it’s one of the greatest self-development, self-evolution experience that you can have on your way to creating a thriving business. So, if you’re not willing to let go of the victim, being an entrepreneur is not gonna be for you.

Alright, there’s the four things you gotta check off before being an entrepreneur. List below or comment below which one of those really stood out for you and why. Let me hear from you what I resonate with you or if there’s another item that you’ve discovered on your path of an entrepreneur, comment below. I’d love to hear that, too!