Creating A Lifestyle Beyond Your Wildest Dreams… What Does That Even Mean?

Creating a lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams, like what does that even mean? I want to make sure that you’re really clear on that; because if you’re not clear on that, then your life is just gonna get, it’s like a vacuum, its just gonna get filled with the busyness the distractions, the everybody else’s agenda. But when you’re clear on this, now you are in total control of what you do on a regular basis – in your family, in your life, in your business. And that’s one of the reasons that we create our business as entrepreneurs. We don’t go out and get a job is because we want to live a certain lifestyle. One of the greatest benefits of being an entrepreneur is that it takes us on that path to creating the lifestyle that we won. So, one to just kind of outline what does it mean to live the lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams? Now, what I’m not gonna do, cause this is not a cookie cutter thing, I’m not gonna say “here’s the three things and when you do this, it’s going to give you the lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams” because my lifestyle beyond the way I define it beyond my wildest dreams is going to be very different from yours, or, from the next person, or from somebody else in
this community. So, I want to share some attributes that when you pay attention, it helps you to identify, and then cultivate, and, create, and, manifest, and, experience whatever that means for you.

So, the first thing is what I call the next level 10. Another way that I say this, is to become the next greatest version of the next grandest vision of yourself identifying those people around you, that you admire, that you look up to you, that you say wow. I would like to be like that, or, I would like to have that experience because that’s an indicator that they have something that you don’t yet have that you want. It’s a desire within you. So when you can identify this next level 10, and, you may not even be able to articulate it. But just the consciousness of where my life is right now that is set point. That is the one on the one on the scale of 10. Then just to be able to articulate, I want to go to the next level 10 indicates that there is a place that you want to go. Now, your creativity, and, then you’re in operation. You are gonna start showing up and helping you to identify what that even means. So, just having the awareness to identify and ever evolve into your next level 10, and, then surrounding yourself the second element of creating a lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams is to create a conscious community or several conscious communities. Living the lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams is not done in isolation. It takes a lot of courage, a lot of trust, a lot of faith, a lot of hope, a lot of love, a lot of fun, laughter in a like inner experience with each other. That’s one of the the beautiful elements of it all. So, to understand and to be connected into a conscious community, being very mindful of who you surround yourself with, so that you’re giving to them and receiving from them. They’ve got your back, right? So, we want to have that conscious community surrounding us, and, then to always be present of gratitudes and celebrations of what is. So often we live in the fears of what should have been or what could have been, or we live in the future of fears of what we need to do, or should do, or better do, and we forget to be in the present moment. But the more that you can live in the present moment, the more that you can create that lifestyle in this moment the way you desire it. You don’t find yourself wrong for being not far enough along on your path, or not having the things that you think you should, or want, or need to have. You let them be desires without attachment, and you focus your energy and attention on gratitudes and celebrating what is in this moment. That’s like fertiliser, to continue to grow and expand it into even more. And then, to always have at the forefront to do be or have what lights you up, like what is that for you? It’s gonna be different for me. Like travel, that is one of the biggest things I love. Experiencing cultures, people, beauty, scenery, food, music. Experiences from all walks of life all throughout the world. I ask, like that lights me up. For my stepfather, that didn’t light him up. He was not a big traveler. There were other things that lighten it, that lit him up. So, what is that for you? To be aware of what do you want to do, who do you want to be, what do you want to have, or experience that lights you up, and, then just giving yourself permission to want that because it’s something that you want. Don’t find yourself wrong for that.

Another one you’ve heard me say this before, my father-in-law shares this with me. Can you get what you tolerate? It’s a mantra that I use in my life, and it helps me to not be victim when things aren’t going very well, or not the way I want them, or feel kind of funky or icky or yucky. But remember that you get what you tolerate. In that moment, it empowers you to take responsibility, to use the tools, the support, the people, the things around you, to move you out of victim, out of the things happening to you, to be empowered, to take responsibility. Because you are the only one that can create the life that you
want to live. No matter what your circumstances are, whether you have money or don’t have money, whether you have a thriving business or it hasn’t yet, taken off, whether you’re in a funky relationship or you’re in a legendary love affair, like whatever it is. You are the one that creates the lifestyle that you want to create. So, remember you get what you tolerate. Find those toleration to start removing, them changing them, tweaking them, or changing your perspective about them.

So these are the things that that when you pay attention to them, it begins to create and help you identify your lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams. For me, what that looks like time and experiences with my husband – top priority, and my family – top priority, weaving spirituality into everything that I do, my family, my friendships, my relationships, my business, everything has the element of Spirit woven into it. Travel, skiing, going to places on a regular basis that I can’t even fathom, and then daring to find out and investigate new places to go, and, traveling to those places – that’s what lights me up. That’s my lifestyle. So that I can have a thriving business, making a big impact while living that. All of it can be true at the same time.

So, that’s what it is for me. What is it for you? Begin to draft out and I articulate creative vision board. Create a vision wall in your office, or, in your home and put some words, put some images. What does it mean for your lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams? Dare to dream it and then you can become it. I can’t wait to hear what that means for you.

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