How to Bridge the Gap Between “YES” and the First Coaching Session

When we’re onboarding new clients, we want to bridge that gap between their “YES” and the first session. Using the New Client Autoresponder in The Coaches Console system makes it quick and easy to validate the client’s decision to work with you, and engage them right away.

Exquisite Client Support: After the Coaching Session

Exquisite Client Support AFTER the coaching session – it’s a little nuance you can add into supporting your clients that has a profound impact on them taking the ahas, the nuggets, the light bulb moments inside the coaching session and really transforming it to new habits in their day to day activities. Using the automation built into The Coaches Console system makes this a breeze!

Exquisite Client Support During the Coaching Session

Here at The Coaches Console, we teach Exquisite Client Support and today we’re focusing on how to support clients DURING the coaching session. It’s all about you being so organized that you can easily access all your client’s information — session notes, thoughts, comments and observations from previous sessions — so you can really hold space for, and powerfully support your client.

Exquisite Client Support: Before the Coaching Session

When it comes to Exquisite Client Support there are four stages: before the session, during the session, after the session and in between sessions. In this video, we focus on supporting our client BEFORE the session using automated appointment confirmation and reminder emails, along with a pre-call strategy form in The Coaches Console system.

Take a look at how this works, why it’s important and how it all happens automatically using The Coaches Console system.