In a previous life, before coaching, I was working in a full-time job…

In a previous life, before coaching, I was working in a full-time job doing work that I loved, actually. I discovered coaching and began pursuing it as a hobby and had discovered that this is what I was born to do!

Then one day, totally unexpected, I was FIRED from my job. WHAT THE ?!?!?!

This type-A, overachiever, perfectionist (back then anyways) does not get fired. That doesn’t happen to me! I went through so many emotions in that moment all at once. I was totally shocked, couldn’t believe it. Then I hit the pissed stage, then the embarrassed stage kicked in and I finally landed in fear. In a matter of moments, I actually thought I would be homeless, dying in a gutter, with no food and no clothes… In that moment, that’s how real my fear made everything feel.

After calling a close girlfriend and totally freaking out about what happened to me, she asked me “what’s the worst thing that could happen?!” After barking back at her “didn’t you hear me? I said I’m gonna be homeless, dead in a gutter with no clothes and no food!” She said “Good! I have an extra bedroom, we wear the same size clothes and I have more food in my pantry than I can eat.” What else are you worried about?”

And just like that, my fear dissipated. I faced my worst nightmare head on. And I realized that I was a smart woman, totally capable of whatever I put my mind to and I realized that while this was a total shock, it would not be the end of me. I realized that I could come out of this any way I wanted to.

And in that moment, I made a decision. I decided that rather than go get another job I would turn my hobby of coaching into a business. After all, this was my new found calling!

The only problem was I had NO experience in starting a business! I had only ever been an employee. I had no idea where to even begin, what to do or how to get started. I just knew I did NOT want to get a job and I needed to make money quickly.

And because I was also recently divorced at the time and on my own for the very first time in my life, I had to work smarter, not harder to get my business doing!

I became obsessed with learning everything that needed to be in place behind the scenes of my coaching business so it was organized and streamlined in advance before I dared to even try to get clients. I knew that when someone said YES to hiring me, I wanted to be 100% confident I could deliver on what I promised and I wanted to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks; after all, folks were going to be paying me for my services!

And because my super power is organization and efficiency (really, I geek out over this), it wasn’t too long before I had my entire business set up and launched. And within six months I had a full practice of 18 full-paying clients and was on my way to making over $50k in my first year… and I was having a blast and I hadn’t even finished my coach training.

Our stories and experiences don’t define us; but how we respond to them is where the real power lives! You have your current situation, your current story whatever it may be… and it does not have to define you… you can respond and take different action, right now to create the results and business and life that you want to be living.

It’s time…

It’s time to make the commitment to yourself, to your dreams, to what you know you’re here to do!

It’s time to stop wasting time on trial and error. It’s time to end the struggle and overwhelm, It’s time to step into confidence and your full potential and create the business beyond your wildest dreams!

And that’s why I’ve created our NEW Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp 2.0 Bundled with 6 months FREE of The Coaches Console… to set you on the path of freedom!

The time has come…

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How the Subconscious Negatively Impacts Your Business Success…

Regarding your business, or your the early stages of your business, maybe you’re doing so many different things; and it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you can’t seem to create the success that you dream of, that you know is possible, that you see happening for other people, but it’s not happening for you. And a lot of times, our subconscious is playing a part in this. And I just want to bring this out into the spotlight, so you know what’s going on the inside. Because when you know that, then you can change things on the outside. And here’s kind of how this progression happens when you first get started, and, setting up your business or in the early stages. A lot of times, you don’t know what you don’t know, right? Like my guess is you’ve never started a business before. And so, this is brand new territory. You’re good at what you do, right? Being a great coach is one thing having, a thriving coaching business, it’s altogether different. So, you don’t know what you don’t know – and then that leads to flying by the seat of our pants. There’s like this path, that this choice that you have, right? And most of the time, it’s this our passion, and, our enthusiasm about starting this new venture gets the best of us, and, all of a sudden, we’re just flying by the seat of our pants; figuring it out as we go along. And that leads to “oh crap! now what?” and all of a sudden you’re in reactionary mode. When it comes to your business, you learn, “oh my gosh I need to do that,” “oh I didn’t know that okay I got to do that.” All these people are telling you things, and, you’re in this oh-crap reactionary mode. That’s stressful, really depleting on the energy. It has a lot of other consequence as well. And when we’re in that mode, all we can be is uncertain. Like uncertainty is ruling things. Lack of confidence is what shows up. This react “oh my gosh. should I forget something is?” “Something slipping through the cracks?” “Do I know about this?” “What don’t I know?” “What else is going to show?” And all of a sudden, this doubt takes over – and when that happens, these villains start rushing forward. You feel like a fraud; you’re not good enough; things aren’t good enough; your business isn’t good enough; you’re comparing yourself to other people, and, I could go on and on with the villains that are showing up. And that’s what’s ruling your thoughts, your energy, your behaviors, your actions. You’re trying to have sessions with prospects, are trying to find them, and, all of this is clouding your judgment. And subconsciously, when these, when these villains kick in, and, this uncertainty, and, this lack of confidence in this doubt is prevailing. This is it permeates everything, right? It’s like this – these enter, this energy that’s mixed in and permeating through everything. And so when you’re, you know, your mouth is saying “I need clients, I want clients, I want to make money,” but subconsciously, you’re digging your heels. And you’re like no, because if I if I put myself out there, they’re gonna discover the fraud that I am. They’re gonna realize I don’t have my stuff together. When really, what you want to be as professional. And you want to be of profound service but you feel like anything but that in that moment right so you’re cutting your subconscious is screaming no; while your mouth is saying yes. And you’re in this tug-of-war with yourself, right? So, does this sound familiar? And it’s so common with so many entrepreneurs, because they don’t know. What they don’t know they’ve never done this before, right? And there’s a way to turn this around. The first is just to realize this – to realize that there’s this disconnect, and, then to make a commitment to learn what you need, to know about setting up a business. Because there are some important things that you have to know, and, what I find is that a lot of people, they just put their attention on “let me try to get more clients, okay?” That marketing strategy didn’t work. Let me go try another marketing strategy, and, they just keep trying different marketing strategies; hoping the next one will work. Meanwhile, they’re not taking care of things behind the scenes in their business, and, behind the scenes, and, their energy. So, their subconscious keeps them at this tug-of-war.

You hit a plateau. You feel it doesn’t matter. What you do, you can’t grow beyond the few pro bono clients you have, or the revenue ceiling that you’ve hit. And it’s what happens behind the scenes, both in your business, and, in you energetically where you can make a big difference. So, I just want to put that out there because sometimes you’re a tug-of-war with yourself; and you don’t even know it. So just drop that rope. Make the commitment to learn what you need to learn; about the business of coaching.

Share this below if there is some else – colleagues of yours, or other peer coaches that are out there, that are struggling with getting clients, and, making money. Most of the time, it’s not because of marketing, and it’s no because they’re not a good coach. Usually, it’s because they don’t know. What they don’t know, and the business side of things. So share this with the people that you know are tag some folks below. Because in the coming weeks, we have got some resources to help you know what you need to know. All the pieces, the steps, the sequence, so that you can confidently move through your business and get yourself into alignment; so that you can feel confident. Putting yourself out there, being seen because the world is ready and waiting for your work. We are in a great time of transformation. And I believe that coaches and entrepreneurs are going to change the culture across the globe. So, we’ve got to get you out of your own way so that you can get into agreement with yourself and get your business up and running and thriving. You can share this with those you know, and, tag some people who could really stand to learn these resources because I can’t wait to get my hands on you and their business

What I love about Nan’s story of how she started (and continues to grow her coaching business)…

Have you met Nan? You can actually click below, and, read her story – about how she started her business; but I wanted to hop
in here and just share with you what I love about Nan’s story, and, what has inspired me about her story.

You see, well she’s a woman. After my own heart, she knew to get organized upfront to get her business the kind of set up behind the scenes before she got going. So, you know I’m gonna geek out on that. And that’s exactly what man did, but it allowed her to do something else. And this is what I really admire about Nan. And what I’ve loved watching her, on her journey because she was organized behind the scenes right from the very beginning, she had everything in place, as she could attract clients, get them, convert them. All that has worked out for him. What she wasn’t clear on was her niche. She knew she wanted to serve people. She knew she wanted to help people, and, make a big impact; but she wasn’t clear on exactly who they were, and, where to find them, or
how to articulate it. Most of all, because she was organized behind the scenes, she wasn’t distracted or stressed. She could put all of her attention and energy, and, getting really clear on the people she’s meant to serve. How to articulate that out in public, how to put
herself out there, and, as a result, she began to acquire prospects and clients pretty quickly. And what it’s really allowed her to do is to think bigger, and, dream a bigger business.

Now, I’ve known Nan for years now. She’s been on this journey through her coaching business. And I’ve had the honour to support her in that. And she continues to scale to the next level, and, then scale to the next level, and, then continues to keep growing in exactly the way she wants her business to grow – defined by her. You know, I might want my business to look a certain way, maybe you want your business to look a different way. And Nan, maybe she wants her business to look different again. But what I love about nNan is, she’s crystal clear on what she wants her business to look like, and, her lifestyle, to look like, to match, and, be able to support her family, and, she does it! Because she’s organized behind the scenes, and, she’s clear on her niche.

Those two powerful combinations has allowed her to think bigger, and, dream bigger. See, if you are inspired by her story, you can click on the link below. You’ll read about Nan’s story, and, then you’ll also see that we have – a collection of 11 other successful entrepreneurs, and, their story may just inspire you.

You are here to do great things in this world. You have these gifts, and, these talents you were born to do this. Now, we just got to
get some of the details in place. To make sure you can do this, and, make that big impact. I love what you do. See what you’re inspired by Nan’s story. I can’t wait to hear. Comment below let me know how it affects your journey.

No matter the learning your struggle remains the same… why is that?

I see it time and time again people enrol into a program. They have great learning but their struggle is still there. They roll into a program they have great learning but the struggle is still there. Like over and over again, you have all of this learning; but the struggle still exists. Like why is that?

So, I’ve been really dissecting this and it brought me to two conclusions. The first conclusion that I want to share with you is there are two big obstacles to success that I see common among entrepreneurs. It’s like this double-edged sword. Right, as an entrepreneur, we have the freedom and flexibility of being our own boss, and working out of our own home. Being able to work on our own time, schedule, and, all that but the other side of that coin is isolation. Isolation is one of the biggest obstacles to success.

For an entrepreneur, the second thing is learning. Without doing just great learning, does not create transformation. It creates great learning but not transformation. And so the struggle still exists. And you just keep looking at it from all different kind of vantage points. Right? And what we really want is transformation not learning. Transformation is active – it’s not passive. You are involved in that and when I really looked at the people that experienced transformation, I look at a lot of our clients and a lot of the people in our community. And I just finished up we just had a two-day workshop with our accelerators in our accelerator program.

When I look at what creates the transformation, there’s these four pillars of transformation that are common with everybody. There is the knowledge and great learning that is certainly an ingredient. Plus there is an added layer of support around the learning. So it’s not just great learning but it turns it into new habits, and, new patterns in their life new perspectives. And then there’s the component of community, the third pillar is there must be community as entrepreneurs. Especially as those of us that are women, we thrive in community. It’s where our creativity flourishes. It’s where we are at our best.

So when you have knowledge plus support wrapped in community, and then the platform to implement what you’re learning. Learning without doing is the death of your transformation. You must have learning. And you must have doing. They have to exist so you need to have all four of those to really experience transformation. So, make sure the next time you’re investing into something, whether it’s a program, an event, whether you’re investing just your time, your money, your energy, make sure that you have all four of those things president. What you’re investing in knowledge, support community, and, platform, those things will help you be active in your transformation. That’s where the real work is done. That’s where the real reward is done. And I want you to create the business beyond your wildest dreams, so you can live the lifestyle beyond your wildest dream. And transformation is where that happens.

So comment below! What is one of those four elements that you want to see more of in your business journey on your way to transformation on your way to success of creating that thriving business which one of those four maybe all four may be a combination. Comment below which one of those four knowledge support community or the platform which one would you like to see more of in your business. I can’t wait to see where you are on your journey.