Melinda Cohan & Bill Baren Interview (video)

How do I create high end packages?

This is one of the most often asked questions we get from folks in our community. They want to know how to make a BIG impact AND how to make good money doing what they love! Because I believe in the Both/And Principle, that’s why I love the work that my good friend Bill Baren is doing in this world! Helping thought leaders, practitioners and experts like me and you structure their Premium Packages! In fact, when Bill mentored me around this in our business several years ago, it made a significant shift in our business. We went from charging $4500 for a coaching package to offering Premium Packages at $25,000 (and getting it!). My only regret???? Why didn’t I do it sooner! So NOW is the time let to Bill walk you through every little detail!

Here’s to your outrageous and unapologetic success!