Behind the Scenes of an Easy Breezy, Thriving Coaching Business (part 1)

I’m going LIVE in a FB Broadcast….

…to take you Behind the Scenes of an Easy Breezy, Thriving Coaching Business + a peek at The Coaches Console…

… and get YOUR questions answered.

I’ve been hearing a lot of questions this week like:

“How will this help me actually get clients?”

“Melinda, will this really help me grow my list and find new leads?”

“I’m just finishing my training; will this help me get my business started?”

and even “I’m still in my job, how does this help me make the transition?”

I’m going LIVE in a FB Broadcast this afternoon to answer those questions and then some.

But I’m not just going to tell you…

I’m going to SHOW YOU!!!

Step-by-Step, click=-by-click exactly how to do this in your business!

Join me as I take you Behind The Scenes of an Easy Breezy, Thriving Coaching Business + a peek at The Coaches Console (and get YOUR questions answered).

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But we don’t have much time as Bootcamp enrollments close TOMORROW, Friday August 25, at MIDNIGHT so I want to be sure to get ALL your questions answered.

Bring your questions about:
– Your niche
– Your business
– Getting started
– Our New Bootcamp 2.0
– The Coaches Console

Whatever you’ve got… bring it here and let’s get some clarity for you!

I just ask one thing…

Be greedy with me!

I want to see you succeed beyond your wildest dreams and create the lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams!

It’s your time!

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[Case Study] Working 20% of the time to generate 80% of the results!

One of my favorite things about learning the best practices you need in your business, knowing the precise sequence to set everything up in and implementing it all with one, integrated technology designed by coaches for coaches is that you can truly accomplish so much more in less time and less effort! You know, that 80/20 rule! Well, it’s true. But don’t take my word for it.

Rachel has done exactly that in her business. I wanted to take you behind the scenes to listen in for yourself.

Hear how Rachel has gone from spending so much time on back-end administration, seeing opportunity after opportunity slip through the cracks and not feeling confident seeking new business because she was already working 80 hours and stretched thin (sound familiar?) to now having a list of more than 2,100, working with 117 clients and launching 12 online programs and an online community.

Rachel’s story is a prime example of the power of having the right platform and specific guidance to support your business.

Go here and put the 80/20 rule to use: Do 20% of the Work and Create 80% of the Income, Impact, and Difference >>>

The deadline for enrolling is drawing nearer!

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Easy Breezy Bootcamp CASE STUDY: Getting Out of Disorganization To Manage Two Niches with Ease!

“I don’t need one more thing. I need THE thing!”

This was the point at which Deni said enough-is-enough to managing her business with papers and piles and disorganization. This is when Deni turned things around in her business and she began to experience ease and greater results!

Click above and be ready to be inspired in my interview with one of our Rockstar Bootcamp Graduates as you experience Deni’s story as she not only manages one niche as a coach, but also as a personal trainer.

I ended up taking a page of notes in this interview!

Deni shared something with me after the interview was over that she shares with all of her personal training clients and coaching clients – I just had to share it here (I was just bummed we didn’t catch it on camera). She reminded me that if you don’t like the results in your business or life to not focus on the results, but rather, focus on the process. This was a powerful reminder because when we focus on the results that we don’t like, we often stay stuck in our stories and it’s easy to stay in victim mode, or feel helpless. When we can switch our perspective to focusing on the process that got us there in the first place (the thoughts, the actions, etc), we can change that!

The same is true in your business.

Change the process, change the results!

Deni’s story is inspiring (and I’ll bet you end up taking notes too!)

If you’ve ever felt disorganized or are taking action but not getting results…

Check out Deni’s story above…

Then leave a comment and let me know your favorite frame, or a nugget that you found inspiring for your own business…

Here’s to your success,

P.S. Enrollments for our Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp ends tomorrow, FRIDAY, AUGUST 25 AT MIDNIGHT!

It’s time to get your business organized in one integrated system and better serve your clients, increase your time productivity and generate more income easily!

Are you ready to experience ease and time-freedom and really make the impact you’re here to make? I thought so 😉


But click before MIDNIGHT, FRIDAY AUGUST 25 when we shut the door for enrollments!