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“I don’t need one more thing. I need THE thing!”

This was the point at which Deni said enough-is-enough to managing her business with papers and piles and disorganization. This is when Deni turned things around in her business and she began to experience ease and greater results!

Click above and be ready to be inspired in my interview with one of our Rockstar Bootcamp Graduates as you experience Deni’s story as she not only manages one niche as a coach, but also as a personal trainer.

I ended up taking a page of notes in this interview!

Deni shared something with me after the interview was over that she shares with all of her personal training clients and coaching clients – I just had to share it here (I was just bummed we didn’t catch it on camera). She reminded me that if you don’t like the results in your business or life to not focus on the results, but rather, focus on the process. This was a powerful reminder because when we focus on the results that we don’t like, we often stay stuck in our stories and it’s easy to stay in victim mode, or feel helpless. When we can switch our perspective to focusing on the process that got us there in the first place (the thoughts, the actions, etc), we can change that!

The same is true in your business.

Change the process, change the results!

Deni’s story is inspiring (and I’ll bet you end up taking notes too!)

If you’ve ever felt disorganized or are taking action but not getting results…

Check out Deni’s story above…

Then leave a comment and let me know your favorite frame, or a nugget that you found inspiring for your own business…

Here’s to your success,

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