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If you’re looking for new clients, then it only makes sense that you’d be focusing on getting new clients. But what if I told you that’s all wrong? I’ve got news for you: it is! There are far more effective ways to find new clients and grow your coaching business and chances are, you’re overlooking them. I explain, in this new video. Check it out here:

Now you know three of the most overlooked places to find new leads and new clients. So, what next?

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Hey! I just want to share this morning with you three of the most overlooked places that you might find new leads and new clients.

A lot of times, people even don’t even think about this, they spend most of their time focusing on the next new client. And maybe you’ve heard: it costs more money to find a new client and get a new client, than it does to re-engage an old client. And that’s the first thing I want to share with you. Your former clients are a great source of new clients! Because your former clients may be in the business that you’re in if you’re coaching. Maybe they graduated from your work; they did a six-month coaching package or a three-month package, or maybe they’re with you here and they graduate it and it’s been a year or two since you’ve worked with them. Reaching back out to them, setting up a three-part/three email campaign to re-engage them, reconnect with them, remind them of the power of what happens when they’re supported.

And coaching can often remind them and prompt them of where else they might need support in their life. So re-engaging former clients – and that’s true, whether it’s in your current business, or the former clients from the previous job that you used to have, maybe the corporate job that you have, or a different business that you used to work in – engaging those former clients is a great place to get started.

The second thing I want I want to share with you is former colleagues in previous jobs. A lot of times, when we leave those jobs, or leave that world – hopefully you didn’t burn any bridges – but a lot of times we’re like “alright, that’s done, next chapter, only focus forward.” And a lot of times, your former clients, your former bosses, managers, colleagues, co-workers – they are a great source of clients and leads. They may not be your ideal client, but when you can update them on the new stuff that you’re doing in your world, they might be a great referral source, if not a great client. So make sure you’re not overlooking former clients. It’s a great way to reengage with them! Again, set up a three-part email campaign to let them know what you’re doing, share a lead magnet, to invite them to your mailing list, and share a story about how the power of coaching creates powerful transformation.

And then, the third most overlooked place, is to get interviewed. It sounds so simple, and a lot of people don’t think about this. Getting yourself out there in established circles, people are looking for great content, great people to bring great content to their audiences. And so, consider finding places to get interviewed about what you’re passionate about. Get interviewed, whether it’s being interviewed on a Facebook group, being interviewed on a blog, being interviewed on a podcast. And then you’ll have that link that you can then share with the people you come in contact with, or give to people that might become referral partners of yours.

So just real quick I wanted to share those three things with you, making sure that you’re not overlooking them, and you’re not working harder than you have to. So go out there, and go through your current contacts. Pick up your phone and find out who on your list of contacts might be former clients, former colleagues, might be a great source for getting interviewed.

Work smarter, not harder! Then we can have a lot more fun.