Hey there! I wanted to pop in real quick and share with you five things that entrepreneurs with tiny offices, you’ll never catch them doing.

You see, before I got into coaching, I was an interior designer. And I really studied a lot about people’s space, and, their environment, and, how it affected their work and their business, and, results in real well, all parts of their life. So, I wanted to share these five little learnings that I’ve discovered to see how they might be able to impact your business. Now, you don’t have to be a tidy person necessarily, but definitely learn from them; because it might help your business journey along the way. The first thing is you will never see these kinds of entrepreneurs leave unfinished tasks. Like they are going to break their tasks into small steps so that they can really have that feeling of satisfaction. Those of us that love tidy offices, love tidy desks, we’re gonna make sure that we can keep everything nice, simple, clean, and, organized. And that goes for our task list. So, we’re gonna make sure that we break down any of our tasks into smaller bite-sized pieces so that we have that feeling of satisfaction. Because that gives us motivation to keep going with the other tasks. So we always feel like we’re winning, break them down into small tasks.

The second thing is you’re not going to see them put their head on their pillow at night without completing the three most important things that they needed to do that day. They’re not gonna leave it unfinished. This kind of relates to the first one, and, they’re gonna leave it unfinished to the next day because they know it just stockpiles, and, stockpiles, and, stockpiles. So, like you have a messy office, you’re gonna have a messy business, a messy to-do list, messy energy – all that kind of stuff. How you do one thing, it’s how you do
everything. So, when you can make sure on any given day, you say “before I put my head on my pillow tonight, these are the three things I’m going to accomplish.” Now, your to-do list might be 20 things or 200 things, but focus on three at a time. You’ll get things done faster, have more energy to put towards more tasks.

The third thing is don’t delay the simple tasks. A lot of people like “oh, I can get to that, it’s gonna be easy, I’ll mark it off later.” Do it now. Again, you create that snowball effect of momentum, and, creating way and the power of completion, creates simplicity. When there’s simplicity, there’s things that are getting done, there’s results that are happening. So, when you have that tidy office energy about yourself, make sure that you don’t delay. Delay is gonna lead to clutter. It’s gonna lead to clutter in your space. It’s gonna lead to clutter in your energy. It’s gonna lead to clutter in your business. It’s gonna lead to clutter with your clients.

The fourth thing is tiny entrepreneurs never have cluttered offices. Now, this is my big thing because I’m an interior designer, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt how you have your environment influences, how you show up in the world, what your mindset is like, what your energy level is like, and, the way that you interact whether it’s with team members, clients, prospects, vendors making sure that you have a clear office space we’ll make sure that you have a clear, simple, easy, and, fun business. Cluttered offices with piles everywhere, things you don’t know where, you can’t put your hands on it, it’s gonna make business super hard. Have that clean office so that you have the energy to put into your business, and, it doesn’t drain you. And yet, you actually love sitting down. I’ve got fresh flowers here. I’ve got a few piles, but they’re organized. By tonight, they’ll be done. They’ll have everything set up for tomorrow.

The fifth thing is that they don’t complicate their backends, they don’t complicate their technology. Just like they don’t complicate their offices. Entrepreneurs with tidy offices keep it clean, and, cut clutter free. So, is the true in your back end, the more cluttered your back en, the harder it is to get things accomplished. The more technology platforms you’re using, or the more different ways you’re using manual binders, notebooks, technologies, that you’re using to try to accomplish your business contact lists, follow-up, scheduling, the more complicated it is. The less likely you’re gonna do it, the harder it’s gonna be. The more your passion is just gonna remain a hobby, and, it won’t become a business.

So, I hope these lessons from somebody like myself, who is “I love clean space” because it translates to everything. So, I hope these little lessons have helped you to find a way to improve your workflow, your business, your efficiency so that you can accomplish those tasks.

Before you comment below, let me know which one of these five really stood out for you, and, which one that you’re gonna grab to try to improve, and, enhance, and, optimize your business.