Bright shiny objects – it happens. We all have experience with it, and, for entrepreneurs, when they’re first stepping out, and, starting their business. You know that’s a big step out of your comfort zone. And what happens when you step out of your comfort zone, resistance shows up. Fears get louder. Frustrations come into play. And when that is taking over, we are quick to grab onto whatever bright shiny objects might be around; so that we can try to make ourselves feel better, and, try to have control in the chaos of being out of our comfort zone, right? In over the last few years, we have entered into this information-overwhelmed kind of stage; where people are just: “let me do this, let me dive into that, oh that will help me this, will fix that, that’ll be the thing that I need.” And it’s this whole if-then thinking: “if I do this, then everything will be great.” “If I just learn this, then I’ll get my business up.” “If I just do this, I’ll get clients.” “If I just do this, I’ll start making money.” And it’s this whole reactionary “if-then” thinking that these bright shiny objects continue to cycle within us, right? This also causes us to master unnecessary things. Things that other people have told us are important, because it’s important for them. But they tell us that we need to know, this thing, or else, and, it causes us to spend our time, energy, and, attention, diving deep on things that really don’t matter.

And I want to help you to stop falling prey to the bright shiny object that whole reactionary syndrome, right? And one of the things that we wrote about in one of our blog posts, was what I use in my business is called a business opportunity filter. And I have set up certain parameters that help me understand when something catches my attention, because as entrepreneurs, we’re creative. So, we’re going to have lots of creative ideas. We’re gonna see lots of really incredible things, and, we then as the business owner, have to decide – is this a yes? is it a nice thing to do? is it necessary is? If neither one of those is it a yes, not now, maybe later. Like we have to discern that for ourselves. Otherwise, everybody else is going to tell us what’s important. So, when you can have this business opportunity filter to help identify your priorities, what your return on your investment, when you put your time, energy, and, investment into something, what’s the return gonna be, when is that going to have it, is there social proof, and, evidence of it, and, then it comes down to this do you, and, will you have the support and the community around you to be accountable. And giving it your all if you don’t, why are you doing it? You’re just in that rut of if-then, if-when thinking; and you’re in that reactionary mode. It wreaks havoc on your emotions. It wreaks havoc on your intellect. You’re less creative, you’re less healthy, and, it like covers all aspects of us as humans. And I want you to bring all of yourself to your business, so you can bring all of yourself to your community, in your clients. So, set up a business opportunity filter so you are the one in control of what you want to say yes to, what’s a no, and, what’s a yes but not yet, sound good. What’s something that you can do today that allows you to put those parameters in place, and, put the other ideas kind of on a parking lot, maybe dump them into a document, and, once a month you review them to see if you need to pull them out or not. But take control of these bright shiny objects. You are in control of your business.