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When you find yourself in a time of crisis with unexpected, rapid change and a lot of uncertainty mixed in, emotions are running high and are simultaneously all over the place.

When your emotions are running high, it’s not a time when you’re in your optimal state of mind. Now is the time to bring in other people to help you think.

Surrounding yourself with people who can help you make a good decision for your next best, right step in that moment – masterminds, mentors, colleagues & communities like this one here within Coaches Console.

It’s helpful to know that, during these times, we should get used to feeling only 65% certain about a decision. To say to yourself “I’m making this decision right now because of the alternatives I’m aware of” and then you take a step. And you revisit this process often.

To keep yourself in a good, clear thinking place, it’s not about self-regulation, it’s about co-regulation. Self-regulation can be defined in various ways. In the most basic sense, it involves controlling one’s behavior, emotions, and thoughts in the pursuit of long-term goals… and doing this on your own.

With this crisis at hand, it can be extremely difficult to manage our own thoughts and emotions. And long-term has been redefined for now. What was once easy for people to think about planning out their summer or their year… Now people are planning out their week or two weeks.

Co-regulation is all about the way one can adjust themselves when interacting with another. It’s critical to stay connected – to your masterminds, to your mentors, to your communities and tribes. When we’re connected we can borrow other’s confidence, courage and clarity for those moments when we lose our own footing.

As coaches and entrepreneurs we are the leaders others will be turning to for guidance, support and help in navigating through all of this.

Just last night Dave (my hubby) said “I sure am glad I’m married to a coach through all of this.” While that’s awesome… as leaders, we too have our own fears and uncertainties; moments of raw emotions. We have to have those people and places we can turn to to vent, express and discuss everything we’re feeling, thinking and doing. This is how we can continue to serve and support our audiences and clients through all of this.