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You know, doing more is not the path to success. It’s actually the fastest path to burnout. A lot of times, entrepreneurs, especially when they’re first getting started, they buy into this thinking of: “well if I can just do this one more project, or implement this one more strategy, or just do this one more thing before I leave, then it’ll…” And it’s the “if-then,” right? [And doing] More here’s why it’s the fastest path to burnout – its fear-based. That whole “if-then” or “if-when” thinking. So, you’re letting your fears dictate your actions -which that’s just gonna create a mess. It’s also putting you in
reactionary mode: “this oh crap I got to do!” “that oh crap I need to do this!” And everything feels urgent and important, right? We’ve lost sight of the reality of what’s urgent, what’s important; but can actually wait. And we’ve lost sight of that because you’re in reactionary mode. Because fears are driving your thoughts and your actions. And there’s no time to rejuvenate. The more you do the more, you cram in and just that one more thing there’s no time for you to rejuvenate. So you are giving of your fumes your sputtering along,
trying to dip into the bottom wells of your gas tank. And you’re trying to do this monumental thing called setup-launch-and-run your business. But you’re doing it on the fumes nobody can run them, nobody can live life like that, much less start a business like that. And so, instead of doing more, it’s about being more to specific things that I want you to focus on being more efficient. It is the first thing. And what that means, is you know that old cliche working harder, I mean working smarter. No, no, no, we’re being smarter not harder, right?

And what being more efficient looks like, is having an organized back into your business chaos. In the backend means chaos, in the front end that’s not how we want to show up. You’re not professional, you won’t be credible. You’ll lose a lot of opportunities. So, make sure you’re organized in the backend of your business. You have systems and processes in place, so that when you follow those consistent
steps every time, they’re generating consistent results. Consistency allows you to free up your time and energy to focus on what you love. And then it also means having a degraded back-end. Not spending all your time trying to manage multiple platforms, multiple technologies, multiple pieces. bBut making sure it’s all working together like a well-oiled machine. Now your business can work for you! You want to work so friggin’ hard for your business.

And then the second thing I want you to focus on, instead of doing more- it’s about being more nurturing nurturing with self care. So many like this is the secret weapon of entrepreneurs. Self care usually, it’s well – when I have time, I’ll get to taking care of myself. Because you’re doing the whole more thing, and creaming your time
with other stuff, and doing it badly. But when you can flip that around, and, you can prioritize self-care, now you’re fuelling yourself up. You’re feeling yourself up energetically. You’re staying connected to your “WHY,” which drives your passion. Now you can think more clearly. There’s more energy that you have, so, you can actually accomplish a lot more in a lot less time. So, you’re working smarter,
you’re spending your time more wisely, right? Nurturing also means being more creative. The more you spend time on things like meditation, journaling, doing gratitudes, taking walks, and, what one
of my friends calls “percolating,” now your creativity can rise up. Because you have the time, and, space, and, energy. Because you’re being more efficient, you’re being more nurturing. Now you’re thinking more clearly, you have more creative thoughts. You see strategies, and, situations, and, challenges with more clarity. And you can even bring in your intuition, right? It’s equal parts strategy, equal parts intuition.

When it comes to running your business, especially for us women, and for you guys out there that have done a really great job of bringing in both the masculine and feminine intuition, is one of this another secret weapon of the entrepreneur. So, it’s not about doing
more. It’s about being more, being more efficient, and, being more nurturing.

What can you do today? I want you to comment below whether it’s being more efficient and having an organized back in our systems and processes and integration or whether it’s being more nurturing self
care that creativity that intuition. What can you reach for today to help you stop doing more, and, start being more? It kick into a snowball that will create positive results in your business like that. I can’t wait to see what happens for you!