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1. Nan Reed Twiss works with Leaders and Business Owners.

“As a leader, your success largely depends on how you show up every day. It’s the core energy you bring to everything you do. Are you the kind of leader who people want to follow or have to follow?  How well do you follow yourself (your own goals and intentions)? As a leader, you can create the kind of energy that leads to positive results by starting with yourself. What you bring to work – or anywhere, for that matter – is what you cultivate in others. You can create a work environment where engagement, accountability, and well-being are high. Success and satisfactionwho doesn’t want that?”

2. Gillian Hood works with people to help them Break Free From Diet Prison, Binging & Emotional Eating.

“I can help you Break Out of Diet Prison for good:

  • Never diet again, and reverse the damage it has done to your mind and body.
  • Eat your favorite foods again, without overeating, weight gain or guilt!
  • Stop beating up yourself & your body & let them work together in harmony, bringing mind, body & spirit together as a healthy, vibrant, YOU!
  • Reclaim both energy & time by ending obsessive thoughts and behavior.
  • Feel your emotions instead of eating them so they can be expressed & dealt with in a healthy way – instead of carrying them around mentally & on your body.

I have been there…binge eating, chronic dieting, over-exercise, emotional eating, hating myself and my body, never being good enough, abusing my body by overeating, searching for a solution in the next diet, not living my life until I lost the weight, believing my own negative self-talk, and on and on for well over 20 years, however…

…I have overcome it all, found Peace with Food and my Body, discovered Freedom from obsession, and I want to help You do the same!”

3. Jen Horvath works with people to help them reduce guilt, stress and overwhelm to live a calmer, happier and fulfilling life.

“Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by your many responsibilities? Trying desperately to find a blend between work, kids, partner, family, friends and have some ‘me time’? Are you dealing with chaotic mornings, a stressful job, and then rushing home to make dinner and shuttle kids to activities – having to remind yourself to breathe? Finding yourself yelling and being angry when you don’t want to be? Feeling guilty because it’s not working for you? Wondering, is this all there is to life?

Is this hitting home? It’s common, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t need to “just survive.” You can thrive!”

4. Kitty Boitnott works with teachers, giving them a career makeover.

“Are you feeling the painful symptoms of teacher burnout? Are you unhappy with your teaching career but don’t know where to turn? You always wanted to be a teacher, so now what? What else could you do if you don’t teach?

I know how you feel.

Here is a fact for you to consider seriously: You don’t need to stay stuck in a job that no longer serves you or makes you happy. In fact, if you aren’t having fun anymore, your kids aren’t having any fun either.

I operate on the premise that work should be fulfilling and FUN!

What if your dream job were just ahead, and all you need to do is go for it?

Since starting my business, I have helped 200+ of teachers and mid-career professionals make significant changes in their career paths. My goal for them is that they find their dream job, whatever that may be.

That is my goal for you as well.”

5. Angelique Beauregard helps people ‘Live Fit & Free After 50 in a Body you Love’.

“Are you overweight, overtired and overstressed? Think you’re too old to lose the weight? Feel like a failure because you’ve wasted so much time, energy, and money on diet plans that didn’t work? Disappointed when you look in the mirror? Hate to have your picture taken? Fed up?

I get it!

That was me not so long ago.
Imagine what your life would look like if you lost all that extra weight (especially the dreaded muffin top) and got into a right-sized body. Ditch the joint pain. Have tons of ENERGY! Cross your legs. Love what you see in the mirror. Have your picture taken. Wear cute clothes. Look forward to bathing suit shopping. Move around freely. Travel the world.

The possibilities are endless!”