Have your read Jennifer’s story that we shared with you recently? Well, the link is below. If you haven’t read about her journey in her coaching business, and, getting it launched, but I thought I’d pop in here. And I wanted to share with you what inspired me, and, what I loved about Jennifer’s story.

You see, well, she and I kind of follow the same path. I called it. I was fired from my job. She had a different way that she phrased, and, she talks about that in the story. But she had this “I-wanted-all” kind of attitude. And I absolutely loved that she is as she calls it, a hands-on mom. That’s how she described it – a hands-on mom to her young daughters. She wanted the lifestyle that she wanted to live. And she wanted to be an entrepreneur, and, half her business, and, it wasn’t about which one can I do; or like she’s like how I need all three to exist. And she did not back down. So, in the early stages of starting her business, things were getting kind of clunky, and, funky, and, weird, and, stressful. She quickly learned that there was three key things that would help her experience all of the above. It was the combination that was the the magic for Jennifer. It was the knowledge, plus the platform to implement, and, the support, and, guidance along the way. Like those three things, once Jennifer had that in place, speed was the byproduct. And she went from the way she called it. You’ll read it when you click below, if you haven’t read it already. But you’ll read the way she described it, zero everything. Like she had nothing – no clients, no mailing lists, nothing. She went from zero. Everything had exploded; her contact list to well, over four hundred, quickly got thirteen paying clients out of the blue. And she was off to the races. It was that combination, like I watched Jennifer powerfully take the the knowledge, the platform to implement, and, the support. Bring that together to help her leverage speed, to get results as an entrepreneur, as a mom, and, to have the lifestyle that she wanted.

And then she had this great story. Well, I will tell you the story. It’s in the link. You’ll read it at the the end of her story, but it was the evidence of all of that coming true. So, take a look below and I’d love to hear from you. You can you relate to Jennifer’s story. Maybe you have it a slightly different story, and, your journey of transformation on your business, but I want to hear from you. What inspired you about Jennifer’s story? Click below and let me know.