Hey, good morning! It’s Melinda here and I’m sitting out here in the early morning on my back porch, overlooking my backyard and I’m just taking it all in, because we just finished our three-day live retreat with our Accelerator Coaching Program. And I was asked many times throughout this program: “How ar you keeping your energy up?” Because not only did we meet and have sessions from 9:00 to 5:00 every day, but then after one day we all loaded up and went to Kate’s house and had a cookout and dinner. And in the next day we all loaded up and came to my house and had a full-moon fire circle and dinner and we connected and had a lot of fun. And so it was non-stop, consistently for the past three days. And people were asking me: “How are you doing this? How are you facilitating the sessions? How are you then still staying connected with us and keeping your energy up?”

And here’s my secret: it’s all about the self-care. People over rate and overlook this and you cannot miss this one thing. And here’s how I do it: I make sure, before this ever begins, before we ever come into this event I have done self-care and I have filled myself up so much that I am giving of the overflow with my energy, my emotions, my brainpower, so that when the event starts I’m from the place of overflow, so I have a lot to give right from the beginning. And then throughout the event I’m doing little significant things to maintain my self-care; it might be take five minutes, go out, walk outside barefoot in the grass and soak in some vitamin D and sun, it might be taking a few dance breaks privately on my own and moving the energy through my body so it’s not staying stuck anywhere. But I maintain my self-care throughout it all. And then I have already planned my self-care afterwards, so I know I don’t have to worry about being depleted because I’ve got my self-care plan in place, so when this is done I’m taking care of myself to rejuvenate again.

So that’s today. Our live event ended yesterday, I had my team over here for one final debrief digestion and ritual last night, we were here until about ten o’clock, and now today, tomorrow, Monday – complete self-care, total relaxation, juvenation, doing that which lights me, up so I can bring myself back to overflow. So when you maintain your self-care you can maintain your energy even when you’re on or delivering. A lot of the facilitators and teachers that I’ve been around, they do it in peaks and valleys; they’re on, give, give, give, deplete, deplete, deplete, then they crash and burn. And they have to be disconnected, they can’t interact with their people. And a lot of times I hear other teachers and facilitators say: “Well, after I’m on the stage I have to go away and I’ve got to recoup and I can’t be around anybody or else they’ll suck the energy out of me. I’ve got to protect my energy.” And my belief is that when you practice extraordinary self-care in the
midst of what you’re delivering, what project you’re working on, what job you’re in you can be on because you are taking care of your energy and yourself.

So I just wanted to share that with you as I’m in the midst of my self-care. This is the only work I’m gonna be doing, but this was really heavy on my heart and I wanted to share this with you, because I think a lot of people can benefit this. So remember: self-care is not a reward for what you do or a project completed; it’s a requirement for what’s to come. Let’s self-care be on both ends and throughout everything and you’ll maintain your energy. Alright, I got to go do nothing.