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One of the things I’ve been hearing the most from people is around the topic of selling right now. It seems the further we get into this pandemic and quarantine … the more divided people seem to be on this topic.

Earlier this week I was talking with some colleagues and one was adamant that no one should be selling right now – her belief is that no one is able to make money during a pandemic like this (because she believes no one is spending money with all the fears out there). As a result of those fears, she’s giving all of her coaching away for free.

Interesting perspective.

On the other side of the spectrum, I was chatting with different colleagues this week and they’re absolutely selling… with some modifications for sure!

Before you decide where you fall on that spectrum, listen to what I have to share with you.

I’ve been seeing WAY too many people “crumble” and give away their services out of fear! Now… if you want to give your services for free, by all means, that’s awesome. I just ask that you do it from a conscious decision and from your heart; not your fears.

I think today’s topic will help you know what’s right for your business and how to pivot your offers (whether you offer them for free, or for a fee or a combination of both).

I’ll share with you:

  • 6 ways you can pivot your offers
  • Multiple ways you can offer lower prices options without having to give away your services (or discount your pricing)
  • 1 easy thing you can do TODAY to immediately offer a DIY course to your prospects and clients (actually we’ve done the grunt work for you – you just have to send an email)