Hey there! Good morning.

My dad and I were talking the other day. He was over here visiting for a little bit, and he said those words to me: “I was doing great but then I got stuck because I’m not sure of what to do next.” Maybe you can relate. Well, first of all it’s kind of mind-blowing that my dad’s retired, and, now he’s starting a little online business. So that is super cool! And I love that we get to have those conversations together. But when I was sitting there having this, and, I proceeded to ask him some questions to help him figure out exactly what he was stuck on. Then we helped him get clear on the next three steps to take. Once he knew that, he’s like: “I got it!” We didn’t have to talk about it anymore. We didn’t have to flush it out. He knew exactly what to do, and, he’s already done it.

I want to ask you the same thing. Where are you stuck in your business? A lot of times one of the things that happens with entrepreneurs is that we tend to our business. We set up our business; we work on our business; we manage our business in isolation. (and) When you are working in isolation, and, when things are not fully integrated, what that tells me is that, you are solving immediate need after immediate need, as they come up, as you bump into them and that is a hard way to build a business. You’re gonna get super frustrated. You’re gonna run out of time and energy. A lot of times your passion will drop. (And) you’ll start second-guessing “Am I made for this?” “Is this supposed to be my calling?” It is you just simply haven’t seen the big picture. You’re not working in integration. (And) You’re not collaborating. Those are the things that you must pay attention to as an entrepreneur, or else, like you have to stay tethered to that; or you’re gonna lose your interest and you’re gonna start doubting yourself.

So I want to ask you a couple of questions to help you figure out where are you stuck, and, more importantly where to keep your focus. So, are you in the place where you’re just beginning – you don’t even know who your audience is; you’re not even sure how to talk to them; or where to find them? If this describes you, I’ll tell you where to put your focus in just a moment. Maybe you’re in
the spot of you know what your business is; you know a little bit about that you’ve gotten going; but you don’t have enough names on your contact list so you don’t have people to reach out to to book sample sessions; or try to get those discovery consultations is that where you’re stuck; or maybe you do have enough names on your list. But you’re not getting those sample sessions booked.
You’ve got enough people to reach out to but nobody’s scheduling those appointments with you. Maybe that’s where you’re stuck. (Or) Maybe you’ve got enough names on your list. You know who you’re talking to your booking sample sessions, but nobody’s converting to paying clients. It helps to know exactly where you’re stuck so you can identify what are the next three things that you can pay attention to.

If you’re in that first category where you’re not sure who you’re supposed to talk to, how to talk to them, or where to find them, I recommend that you do some market research. That’s your first focus. Don’t worry about website. Don’t figure out business cards. You don’t need to worry about logos or anything like that. You need to know how to talk to your market and who your market is. So, market research is your priority.

If you don’t have enough names on your list, chances are, it’s hard for you to talk about what you’re doing. A lead magnet is where you put your focus opt-in page on your website. You don’t have to worry about building a whole website. A website is not what gets you business. Being able to be of service and create relationships – that’s what gets you business whether you’re in person or online. So having a lead magnet or a free gift that you can offer in exchange for names on your list helps you to grow your list way more easily. It helps you to get more referrals, and, people growing your list as well.

If you have enough names but you’re not booking enough sessions, I would look at what’s the process. Once somebody says: “Hey, I’m interested in what you say.” Making sure you have a clear process all the way from getting that name on the list to the automated
follow-up, engaging the easy online calendaring system to book those sessions with reminders, so that people are showing up or ready and prepared for those sessions.

That’s why I’m going to give you right now. There’s a lot more that I could share with you, but the thing to pay attention to is making sure you know the bigger picture first. So you can have an integrated viewpoint from there you’ll never know where not to put your focus you’ll always know exactly where to put your focus on any given day, any given week, any given months so the work
you do is efficient and effective. (And) Then you can make it a lot of fun.

Post below which one of those four categories that I just mentioned where are, you stuck, and, what is the next step you’re going to take today.