I was at a Summit with some colleagues and potential referral partners and standing there in front of them, for my “Hot Seat Coaching,” I revealed that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when it came to messaging… I had made it this far into my business career and I did not know how to talk about the results I helped people get. I did not know how to create marketing copy!

For them, it came easy. Most of the folks in the room were masters of marketing!

I’m a systems gal, not a “copy” gal… I love making things organized and efficient behind the scenes… not writing copy or marketing messages… I geek out over features and how the work… not over describing the end-result impact…

So, when it came to marketing in my business, I only knew how to talk about the features – my services and all about coaching… I assumed the prospect I was talking to would make the correlation about how coaching (and later in my case for software) would benefit their lives. I didn’t know I had to spell it out for them, much less how to actually articulate it or write about it in my messaging.

Sitting in front of that room at that Summit, it felt like I was “found out.” It felt like they knew I was the fraud I felt like inside…

They were all so gracious and provided such great insight, coaching support and ultimately showed me so much love that I couldn’t help but to transform this moment for myself!

I mean some of these folks could potentially get me in front of hundreds and thousands of potential ideal clients. So, I got super busy teaching myself everything I needed to know about copywriting. I knew marketing. I knew networking. Now I needed to know messaging and copywriting.

I couldn’t afford to hire an agency at the time to just do it for me… boy that would have been nice and don’t think I didn’t try. It was up to me. I had to learn this. I had to overcome this obstacle so when I created my marketing content people would understand the message I was conveying and they’d be interested in what I was offering. I could, however, afford to hire a coach who taught me how to write copy. It took 2 ½ grueling years of disciplined effort, consistent action and accountability from a writing coach to transform this feature-focused gal into a value-driven and result-based copywriter. I began to create compelling copy that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in promotions and clients… And eventually I knew our market, our ideal client and our messaging so well that when I could afford to hire an agency I was equipped to hire the RIGHT fit for my message, passion and calling. I wasn’t blindly just dumping this necessary task into someone else’s lap without fully understanding it myself first.

As a result, I intimately know my ideal client. I deeply know their challenges and desires and because of that, I can create endless streams of resources, content, material and programs that generate revenue and serve my prospects and clients beyond their wildest dreams. And because I have the infrastructure in place behind the scenes, I can scale as big and as quickly as I desire.

In fact, that is why I’ve created The Coaching Business Content Creation Template to save you years of grueling struggle and embarrassment! In this Content-Creation Template I share with you the core foundation of creating compelling copy!

Click below to grab your copy and create compelling copy that easily attracts those you wish to serve! I walk you through it all in an interactive fill-in-the-blank template to make it Easy Breezy!

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