Wish you could get the insider information on how to find stages to speak on, gain clarity on what to speak about, your signature talk and how to monetize your speaking gigs once you get them?

I’ve recently gotten into speaking (and I LOVE it).

As many of you know, I hosted my first ever live event earlier this year and it was a smashing success. I believe my community… you… could benefit greatly by being on stages and use stages and speaking to grow your businesses.

I had an opening for one guest speaker at our event and it was Pete Vargas. I was exposed to his Stage To Scale methodology and I was blown away… and so were the folks who attended our event as well!

I fell in love with Pete and his work (and not in a weird way)… That’s when I knew I had to bring him to my whole community not just to those folks that had the opportunity of experiencing his message at my event.

You have to meet him!

So I’m excited to bring you the one man who has taught me what I know about speaking and where I turn to get all the scoop on everything I want to know about speaking and getting on stages as a way to scale my business!

Join me as I interview Pete Vargas and we dive deep into all things related to speaking, finding stages and learning incredible tips and strategies to implement into your business and marketing!

What questions do you want answered when it comes to speaking on stages as a way to get yourself out there and market your business? Post them below in the comments so we can get you on your way!!!

Are we having fun yet?