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Making Confident Decisions using the Clarity Quadrant (use this for yourself or as a tool with your clients).

During these uncertain times, a person is only ever going to be about 65% confident about a decision they’re making.

Right now, we’re in this odd “in between” time – still in quarantine, there’s talk beginning about emerging, others want to stay in lockdown…

Clarity is going to be harder to come by in the near future.

I’ve used this Clarity Quadrant as a business opportunity filter in my own business and life. We’ve also used it with our own clients during different programs we promote (Accelerator graduates, you’ve seen this before). Using a scale and a quadrant system like this can help clear away the uncertainty and find the next best step for yourself in any given moment.

As you continue to pivot your business, use this quadrant for clarity in direction.

As you work with your clients, use this quadrant with them to help them get clear in their next best. Even use this as a decision making tool in your enrollment conversations.

I’ve stripped away our branding so you are free to use this as you wish for yourself and your business. It’s been a valuable tool for my business and I think it can be for yours as well during these times.

Comment below how you imagine you’ll be using this in your business!