Between September 2015 and December 2016, my life was filled with seemingly never-ending, unexpected tragic, devastating events that took me away from my business for extended periods of time… my mother passed away unexpectedly, close friends had a total-loss house fire and I lost my 5-year old Godson in that fire, family members got sick, surgeries… it just wouldn’t stop. And these weren’t just little things that I could ignore because I “had a business to run.” These were life-altering, life-threatening situations that required my full, undivided presence and attention. And that meant that I had to stop working IN my business and ON my business; sometimes for several weeks and in one case two months at a time. My mother was one of my best friends and shaped me into the woman I’ve become today. She was one of my true-believers for my business! She was a bright light that impacted the lives of many! And my Godson, Logan, his zest for life reminded me all the time to stop and smell the roses (or in our case, eat some macaroons and drink some lemonade) every chance you get! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of these two beautiful souls.

A few weeks into me being away from my business with my mother while she was sick, it dawned on me “wait a minute, my business is still running and I’m not even there!” Because I had my business organized and systems and processes in place in the back end, much of my business was automated and running itself… and because it was organized, automated and streamlined, it was easy for team members to quickly step in and run it for me… my business continued, even in my absence. I didn’t have to choose between business and family. My business was running, revenue was being generated, clients were being supported, programs were being launched and at the same time I was able to put my attention on my family and my own self-care.

This continued off and on over several months and as it turned out, when we reached the end of 2016 we discovered we’d had our best year ever! Because we had the back-end infrastructure in place that allowed my team members to step in and basically do my job, the business continued to thrive. (Thank God for organization and for team members)

I never wanted to be in a place where I had to choose between my business or my family. Both are equally as important to me. Heck, when you launch your own business, it’s like giving birth and it’s your baby.

I was and still am deeply…profoundly grateful for my sense of organization, efficiency, infrastructure, systems and to my team for keeping the business thriving.

Sadly, for most entrepreneurs their business is 100% dependent on them. If they have to stop working, their business ceases to exist! It doesn’t have to be that way… with a little bit of time and attention on the back-end of your business your system can run the business and you can manage the system (or a team member).

When you know the pieces and the best practices and what to put in place in the back end so your business is running like a well-oiled machine… that’s the power of a leveraged and optimized back end. You never know what is going to happen in your life… there is never a time like the present to get prepared so your business can thrive no matter what life brings your way!

In fact, I’ve created The Ultimate Coaching Business Blueprint so you know EXACTLY what you need to have set up in the back end so your business is organized, streamlined and automated. I’ve also created an accompanying video training, “The Fastest & Funnest Way to Scale a Coaching Business,” where I take you on a deep dive of understanding these pieces and how the work together in the back end of your business!

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