Hire? Oh shoot! I’m supposed to aim. Yeah, that’s how most of the entrepreneurs and coaches that I encounter when they’re in the early phases and the startup of their business. That’s the approach they take to their business, and, it doesn’t work. It does not make sense on any level, not even if you are charismatic, and, you’re spontaneous. The ready fire aim approach simply leaves you scattered, ,overwhelmed, frustrated. You usually fall into desperation at some point. And really, what happens when you have this ready fire aim approach, is that you are relying on hope as a business, as a
business model, as a strategy for your success. And I’m here to tell you that your passions, your skills, your gifts, and, your talents like this work that you love doing is way too important to rely on hope. Being a strategy, a lot of times we’ll see this like; I’ll know you have the ready fire aim approaches if you’re like “Oh, look at this strategy, let me go do this. I hope this works.” “Oh that didn’t work. Okay, let me go to this one.” “Oh shoot that one didn’t!” We’re gonna look at bright shiny objects. Let me go get this one, and, you’re all over the place. That’s telling me that you have the ready fire aim approach – not healthy, not fun. Usually you don’t get results. Rather, we want to have the ready aim fire approach to our business. Kind of makes sense, right?

And I want to break that down – like what is ready, what is aim, what is fire me? So, with ready, that’s when you, as the business owner, you’re gathering knowledge. You’re learning this strategy. You’re learning the business of coaching, right? Because when it comes to creating success, and, doing the work that you love, you’ve got to be good at your skill set. Whether you’re a coach, whatever kind of service you’re offering to your clients, you got to be good at the skill set. You have to master the marketing of it; as well that comes into play. And you have to master the business of coaching. You’ve got to pay attention to all of those.

And in the ready stage, you’re taking a little bit of time. You’re investing time up front to gather the knowledge, gather the insight learn the pieces, and, the sequence to set things up in, and, have this understanding. Because my guess is, you’ve never done this. Most entrepreneurs don’t set out to be entrepreneurs. Something happens in their life, they have a job they don’t love, they have a job they get fired from, whatever the reason. then they become a business owner. So that you don’t know what you don’t know, so they’re ready part gathering knowledge.

The aim part is getting prepared in advance. You’re implementing that knowledge behind the scenes in an organized fashion. Now these two steps take a little bit of time. In the big picture, the scheme of things, it’s a blip on the screen but you must invest your time, attention, and, resources to get prepared behind the scenes in advance. Once you do that, once you know the knowledge, and, the best practices, you know the pieces, and, the sequence to set everything up in, then you implement it in a certain sequence. Now you have the confidence to go out and market. You know how to market, you know where to find your prospects, you know how to talk to those people, to engage them, to convert, them to become paying clients. The fire part of it is effortless. And then it just happens over and over and over and over consistently again. But it is in that order ready aim fire. So, if you’re not taking this approach I really invite you to see. Maybe you’ve got the ready fire, oh shoot aim. I meant to aim, don’t do that… Don’t let your passions, your skills, the work that is so needed in this world . Don’t leave it up to hope that’s not fun. That’s not what we’re about. That’s not what you’re about. The clients waiting for you, it’s not what they’re about either. Take the ready aim fire be a lot more fun.