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Are you swinging between a wide spectrum of emotions with everything going on?

One of our clients talked about how one moment she felt “I’m going to conquer the world” and then shortly later she was feeling “Lazy and unmotivated”.

I know one minute I’m feeling utter heartbreak and sadness for the devastations so many of my close friends are experiencing with all this… to profound gratitude for the online business I’ve created, how incredible my team is and how working online has been our normal for 16 years. and then feeling everything in between.

Can you relate?

There are two phrases I want to share with you that will help you navigate all the swirling of emotions so you can be present and reclaim the energy you’ve been leaking from bouncing from one emotion to another. In times of crisis and upheaval, it’s normal to have these experiences… and it makes it easier to navigate things when you know these two mantras.

Agreement is Total Control

Massive Compassion

Listen in on this video as I dive into the mantra “Agreement is total control”

When I shared this earlier today with our Mastermind clients, they LOVED this topic. They said things like:

  • “having this knowledge has helped me relax a bit and stop being so hard on myself to be perfect.”
  • “this mantra is about giving ourselves permission of being exactly here we are right now regardless of what that is.”
  • “It’s about recouping energy and recognizing how much energy I was leaking by not being in agreement. In battling the range of emotions I’ve been feeling, look at all the energy I lost. I provably could have moved through the discomfort faster I if had been in agreement.”