Enrollment conversations can be tricky! We SO get it.

If, as a coach with a heart for making an impact, you go into an enrollment conversation feeling like you’re having a sales conversation, you may feel uncomfortable.

In fact, things might go south, very quickly.

To illustrate what sometimes happens to coaches during enrollment conversations, my friend Kate Steinbacher, co-founder of The Coaches Console, and I put on a little demonstration this past February, during Lifestyle LIVE! our first-ever live event.

It was so well received by our audience members—coaches who could see themselves in Kate’s wonderful (funny) role-playing—that I decided to share it with you. (Ok, really, it’s pretty hilarious!)

It’s all about the one main mistake coaches make during enrollment conversations—and, of course, how to avoid it.

Watch it here:

When watch the video, you’ll be able to see where Kate goes wrong, and how Melinda, who’s playing the part of a potential client—struggles to see what kind of transformation might be possible through coaching with Kate.

We’ve seen this exact thing happen to so many brilliant, talented coaches—coaches who have so much to offer but who make one major mistake that stops them from being able to share their gifts.

The awesome news—once you watch the video, you’ll know how to communicate with your prospects!