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When the world around you is rapidly changing, when there is so much uncertainty, when emotions are running high, even the most assured can become overwhelmed with anxiety if they’re not careful.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that, personally, I’ve been moving between so many emotions and feeling opposing emotions simultaneously. Whoa, it can be a lot. And my personal belief is that our thoughts become things – I believe that to be a Universal truth.

I’m mindful of the words I use and the thoughts I think. But I have to admit that during recent times that has been challenging. I also believe that it’s not always about being positive – that can come off as heartless.

It’s not only about focusing only on this light instead of the dark, because the dark is very real. I believe it’s Both / And.

Feeling what you’re feeling fully; acknowledging it, expressing it, moving it through your body. And that’s how I’ve been navigating the past few weeks to take care of myself in the midst of everything going on so I could be present and be of service to those around me and my clients. This is how I’ve been putting my best foot forward in the midst of stress and uncertainty.

In this video, I share with you: The powerful movement practice I’m doing regularly, so that the heavy, negative emotions don’t get stuck in me… and so I can give full expression to the positive emotions I’m feeling without the guilt.

What I’m doing to ramp up my self care. How my space and environment is playing a part in how much energy I have to be of service to my family, clients and friends. Why socializing in these new ways is so important for introverts like me. How I’m tending to my relationships. I believe it’s important to utilize the tools, rituals and techniques you can to feel everything you’re feeling fully, but not get stuck in any one emotion.

As entrepreneurs, when you can do this you’re taking exquisite care of yourselves so there is even more to give to those around you. My hope is that many of you will be able to find peace of mind and feel confident about your choices right now in your business. Facing something huge like this together is way more empowering than facing it alone. Sending you all love and gratitude during these times!