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When Jenifer Horvath, founder of Heart Lifted Coaching, was reorganized out of her corporate job, it was both a dream and a nightmare: she finally had the time and space to become a full-time coach, but she was also overwhelmed with ALL the aspects of setting up her coaching business, finding clients, and changing her career path.

Fortunately, she’d already begun her coaching education—because this world traveler had a dream of being able to coach women (moms) from wherever she was—but she was still in the very early stages: fiddling with a website, email service provider, and online scheduler … and she didn’t have any paying clients yet.

As a single mom, Jenifer wanted a successful coaching practice that provided a steady stream of income, as well as the lifestyle that would allow her to be both an entrepreneur and a hands-on mom to her daughters.

She spent the first two months of her post-corporate life struggling to get her business up and running.

During that time, she felt stressed about the technology, and about the fact that she didn’t yet have paying clients or the income that would result from them.

That’s when she realized she needed structure and support if she ever hoped to get her business launched and profitable—with all the details organized and streamlined!

At that time, The Coaches Console and the Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp came onto her radar. As soon as she saw the technology and the supportive structure of the course, she knew she had to do it.

This, she said, was the universe helping her out.

Since starting with Bootcamp, she went from what she called “zero everything” to 420 email list subscribers and 13 paying clients. The TCC platform and the support and knowledge she acquired during Bootcamp have helped her get and stay focused and gain momentum.

She went from stressed and overwhelmed to reaching her goals and loving her life!

She’s now in charge and in control of her time and business, and she loves the flexibility of working from home she can spend more time with her kids.

Jenifer said that investing in herself, in her clients, and in her future was one of the best decisions she’s ever made. TCC and Bootcamp gave her the structure, insights, and community she needed, and she continues to use the content long after Bootcamp is officially over.

On a recent trip to the Rocky Mountains for a girls’ getaway, she realized she was living her entrepreneurial dream: she was coaching a client from the balcony of the condo where she was staying. The moment washed over her. She was traveling and coaching, and she’d soon return home to be a work-from-home mom with the flexibility and the means to really take care of her daughters.

Ahh … bliss!

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PS! Jenifer Horvath, founder of Heart Lifted Coaching, helps women, who are mothers, overcome overwhelm, get rid of the bag of guilt, stop procrastinating, figure out what they want, and then make it happen, all with a family