When I first started my coaching business 15 years ago, one of the things that I was super excited about is I didn’t have to go to work. I didn’t have to go to an office. I didn’t have to get in my car, I didn’t have to drive. I just had to walk around the corner, and, sit down at my desk. And that’s where the beautiful benefits of being an entrepreneur, right?

Most of us, not everybody, but most entrepreneurs have a home office, right? I’ve got this office as though it was the old master bedroom. It’s the corner of my house, and it’s here and I had the luxury of about 30 steps to get to work. This is also one of the top two things that keeps coaches, and, entrepreneurs from really flourishing and thriving. And its isolation now this is like a double-edged sword, right? We get to have the flexibility of working from home, but it keeps us isolated. Often, we’re behind our computers, and, our desks working away. We’re doing it alone, and, that can be a dangerous territory if you’re not careful because when we’re isolated, typically what happens is, we only know what we know. We don’t have access to other perspectives, other people, other energies, and, emotions, and, thoughts, and, creativity. We stay in our little rhett.

The other thing that happens with isolation and working on our own, is that our fears, and, our villains, and, gremlins. They can get super loud. And so, isolation, while being an entrepreneur has great benefits. Those same benefits can turn detrimental if you are not careful. So, are you working in isolation community, is one of the most powerful components to your business success? Yes, there’s strategy. Yes, there’s marketing. Yes, you’ve got to be a great coach. Yes, you’ve got to have the backend organised. You’ve got to have all of that, and, community is a vital piece. Especially for those women, those of us or that are highly in our feminine. We love community. It’s where we thrive, right? The masculine hero’s journey – go out slay the dragons, come back to hero. Feminine support nurture the connectivity. The community is where we flourish. When we’re having a funky day, we can borrow the courage and insight from others. When we’re on top of our game, we can serve and support others. That may not be in that same spot. We learn from each other, grow with each other. We get to be seen and see others. We get to be witnessed on our journey, and, witness others. And those are powerful ingredients to your business success. Do not overlook them.

So, yes enjoy those benefits of working from home and havingthat flexibility in being your own boss. And don’t let it become a detriment to your business, right? Make sure that you are you’re connected with the like-minded like spirited group of people that have your back. And that you can do the same for them. That alone right there is going to catapult your intuition your creativity. The fun factor is going to make your journey through. All of this way more exciting and well worth it. So, where’s your community? This community right here, we hear time and time again. I feel like I’m home I found my people. I’m so glad there are other people that understand the journey thatI’m in. Find a community like that. If this is it, awesome! If there’s others, perfect. Do not isolate.