The Coaches Console is now a multi-seven-figure business (can I get a “woohoo”?!)—and I can tell you this: it’s built on a solid foundation of networking. Now, you may think you’ve got networking all figured out: go to an event, give a business card, take a business card, and voila! You’re building your connections, your network, and your company. Right? Wrong! There’s one major rule of networking, and I think you should break it, every time! Watch the video below to see what it is, and what I suggest you do, instead.

Now that you know what not to do at networking events, and how to ensure you leave each one in complete control of the follow up, you’re on the right track to grow your business efficiently through networking. Which means you’re also on the right track to improve your chances of booking sample sessions, growing your mailing list, and increasing your conversion rates. (So exciting!)

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