Hey there, good morning! It’s Melinda here.

It’s been a while since I have connected with you. And just like what my post says, you know. I’ve spent 10 days in South Africa at the beginning of this month. Then I went straight to five days in England. I just got back from four days in Durango, Colorado. What does all this bring? Well, a lot of people said I was nuts for doing that much travel in one month. And I got to tell you, there were times when I thought I was nuts for doing that much travel in one month, but what it really brings is extraordinary self-care. One of the things that I want to share with you is that self-care is not a reward for hard work done. It’s a precursor to rejuvenate for what’s to come and actually, it’s both. So many people say: “Well, when I get this project done, or once this promotion has launched, or when I hit this goal, then I’ll do the self-care.” While that’s fun and important, making sure that you have self-care as a precursor to what’s coming is equally as important in our business. We’ve got a lot of things percolating, and a lot of new ideas popping, some reinvention happening, some incredible projects that we’re lifting off, and right, now we’re right in between of a lot of things that have been completed. A lot of things coming up in fruition and when I was in the midst of all this travel, it occurred to me that I’m living the both; that I’ve had a lot of projects I’m rejuvenating from, and, I’m rejuvenating for what’s to come. And I built in a month of self-care. Now, I did it unconsciously, but it’s my normal, so it was just another part of my self-care pattern.

So, remember self-care is not just a reward for hard work done. It’s equally as important to make sure it’s for rejuvenating for what’s to come in the future. Make sure you do both, and the reason I was able to do this travel is because I’ve set up a business and a team that allows me to do that. It actually allows our entire team to practice self-care while we all work on the projects. The workings of our business are automated, and, organized as such, that it’s possible to do it without missing in the coming months.

We’re gonna be sharing a lot of materials and information with you about how you can create a business for yourself, so that you can practice this extraordinary self-care, and, then live the life of your dreams.

So, stay tuned we’ve got a lot of great things coming for you but in the meantime, ask yourself: “Am I waiting to reward myself with self-care? Or can I rejuvenate so I can bring all of me to my business, all of my creativity, all of my inspiration to my business my clients, my impact that I’m making?” Click below, I’d love to hear your self-care and how you rejuvenate for what’s to come!