Another bootcamp graduate that we have recently interviewed was Johanna Clark, and I loved her story about her business. Well, actually, first I loved the kind of work that she does. She works with parents with little babies to help them get good sleep at night, and how to interact with their child, and, create a supportive environment, so the child is blissful and the parents are blissful. I mean how awesome is that! And Johanna was anything but blissful in her own business. And I find it fascinating that. because, well, the way Johanna described it, she was approaching her business as a hobbyist, right? Not as a professional. And she’s just kind of dabbling in it here and there. And I find it so fascinating how the type of clients and the struggles that Joanna works with was very similar to what she was experiencing right in her business. She was experiencing overwhelmed. She was cranky. She was trying to fit it in, and, really didn’t know what she was doing. And the same thing, her parents, as she was coaching, they were saying the same thing. They were kind of dabbing it. They didn’t know what they were doing. They were overwhelmed, they were cranky. And I love that the journeys mirrored each other because when you know what you’re doing. Things go a lot better and so just like Joanna is able to help parents know how to be parents, and, how to work with their children and create that environment with their children that both takes care of them as the parents and the babies and the kids. Joanna started doing the same with her business. She began learning how to take care of her business, how to tend to her business and create an environment that is supportive and nurturing of the kind of results she wanted. And that’s exactly what she got! And so, when we don’t know what we don’t know, just like brand-new parents – they do not know what they don’t know. And they learn fast, right? They learn through trial and error, that you can have somebody like a Joanna, where you don’t have to learn through trial and error. And it can be a much better journey. And Joanna did the same thing. So, if you’re trying to figure it out as you go, and you don’t know what you don’t know, and, your piece and a lot of stuff together, but you’re still overwhelmed and cranky, it might be time to find that person, that path, that guide, that community, that can help you figure out what it is you need to know so that you can create that supportive and behind the scenes. So, things are good behind the scenes. So, they’re good in the front of the scenes as well.

So check out Johanna’s story. I’ve copied the link below. Read her story and see if you can relate in your business. It might be time to stop following that I don’t know what I don’t know and still trying to get the results that you want. May not be the funnest way to do your business, but check out her story below. I think you might be able to relate to her.