Have you met Nan? You can actually click below, and, read her story – about how she started her business; but I wanted to hop
in here and just share with you what I love about Nan’s story, and, what has inspired me about her story.

You see, well she’s a woman. After my own heart, she knew to get organized upfront to get her business the kind of set up behind the scenes before she got going. So, you know I’m gonna geek out on that. And that’s exactly what man did, but it allowed her to do something else. And this is what I really admire about Nan. And what I’ve loved watching her, on her journey because she was organized behind the scenes right from the very beginning, she had everything in place, as she could attract clients, get them, convert them. All that has worked out for him. What she wasn’t clear on was her niche. She knew she wanted to serve people. She knew she wanted to help people, and, make a big impact; but she wasn’t clear on exactly who they were, and, where to find them, or
how to articulate it. Most of all, because she was organized behind the scenes, she wasn’t distracted or stressed. She could put all of her attention and energy, and, getting really clear on the people she’s meant to serve. How to articulate that out in public, how to put
herself out there, and, as a result, she began to acquire prospects and clients pretty quickly. And what it’s really allowed her to do is to think bigger, and, dream a bigger business.

Now, I’ve known Nan for years now. She’s been on this journey through her coaching business. And I’ve had the honour to support her in that. And she continues to scale to the next level, and, then scale to the next level, and, then continues to keep growing in exactly the way she wants her business to grow – defined by her. You know, I might want my business to look a certain way, maybe you want your business to look a different way. And Nan, maybe she wants her business to look different again. But what I love about nNan is, she’s crystal clear on what she wants her business to look like, and, her lifestyle, to look like, to match, and, be able to support her family, and, she does it! Because she’s organized behind the scenes, and, she’s clear on her niche.

Those two powerful combinations has allowed her to think bigger, and, dream bigger. See, if you are inspired by her story, you can click on the link below. You’ll read about Nan’s story, and, then you’ll also see that we have – a collection of 11 other successful entrepreneurs, and, their story may just inspire you.

You are here to do great things in this world. You have these gifts, and, these talents you were born to do this. Now, we just got to
get some of the details in place. To make sure you can do this, and, make that big impact. I love what you do. See what you’re inspired by Nan’s story. I can’t wait to hear. Comment below let me know how it affects your journey.